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Jordan - October 1

How many ladies can HONESTLY say that their weight gain during pregnancy was mostly and only in their belly when only eating HEALTHY meals with normal size proportions during pregnancy. (it does not count if you ate junk food on top of the healthy food every day). Approximately how many calories did you eat every day?


Kim - October 1

From what people who know me tell me, I have only gained weight in my belly, although I think that I have gained a pound or two elsewhere. I did eat more than normal and allowed myself a few treats over the past 8 months but I mostly ate well and ate about 2000 calories a day. I am 36 weeks, have gained 27 pounds, and I am still working out 6 days a week. I'm not sure if I answered your question or not but I think that everyone carries differently and some people do not gain a lot of weight elsewhere, unless it is water weight that will be gone shortly after delivery.


Tina - October 1

I am not sure that I can give you a calorie intake. But I can tell you that in the up intill the 7 months I lost about 2 lbs each visit, total of 13lbs. I am now 34 weeks and have maintained the same weight not gaining any. I eat 3 healthy meals a day, 2 snacks of fruit or veggies and walk or exercise in some way 2 x's a day. My regular clothing has fit all the way up until about 7 months, now everything still fits except jeans are too tight in the belly....lol. I have managed to gain in my belly and lose everywhere else. My doctor says the baby is measuring perfect and u/s show she is the proper weight. I feel wonderful also, no aches and pains, no swelling feet and hands. I am not tired all the time, no naps. Hope this helped, I am not sure if there are many others who maintained their weight throughout their pregnancy, but I truly did not go out of my way to "diet" I would never do that, I just went out of my way to be healthy and not lay around all day and eat junk.


Julie - October 1

Everyone keeps telling me I am all belly but I know I have gained weight in my b___t as well. I held up a pair of my prepregnancy jeans and there is no way my b___t is getting into those! I have gained around 30 lbs. and am 38 weeks. I eat just like I did before pregnancy with some chocolate cravings here and there. I drink lots of fat free milk. With my first I gained over 50.


jessie - October 1

i'm told it is all baby but know that extra weight was put on elsewhere - my legs seem really thick. i ate pretty normal meals - not much different than pre-pregnancy, so about 1500-2000 calories a day. i've thus far (at 34 weeks) gained 30 pounds.


Silvie - October 2

Hi..I am 37 weeks and have gained 24 pounds so far. For most days I try to eat healthy(lots of veggies and fruit,.apples mainly, cheese, lean meat, low fat dairy),drink water, I allow myself some junk food(chocolate,ice cream or baked tortilla chips) 1-2x/week after dinner as a reward. I also exercise six times a week, up to 35 weeks I was jogging,now I switched to stationary bike and I also walk (brisk walk). So I really tried not to let myself go, I am eating for most part the same as I always did, dont know how many calories,but definitely not much more than I used to eat before pregnancy. I just had to modify my cardio workout recently due to bulging belly. And yes, people say I am all baby only...although I am pretty sure I carry a few pounds of babyfat (my b___t and upper thights), but that is OK, that is just the extra fat I need for babys sake .


Julie - October 3

For some reason with both my pregnancies I have gained more weight around my thighs and b___t. My husband doesn't mind because he said I've never really had a b___t!


noams - October 3

HI, I have been on a healthy pregnancy eating plan from the book "what to expect when you are expecting" As well as walking 3-4 times a week for 30 mins up to week 30. I have gained close to the recomended weight in the book 26pounds I feel like I have gone up one size in my hips,legs and thighs ( so I am happy with that) I am sorry I did not count the calories each day.


KarenC - October 4

I'm eating normal meals but didn't really count on the calories, have gained 22lbs so far at my 32 weeks. Weight gained mostly in my belly & b___st, perhaps only about 5lbs in elsewhere like hip & thigh. I don't need to wear maternity clothes, just wear low waist pants or track bottom with loose top.


tracy - October 4

i have gained 14 lbs and i'm 34 weeks. i've been eating pretty much the same as i did before pregnancy - but with more fruit & milk - lots of milk!. i do have a treat everyday (usually a cookie) but try to make sure i eat something fresh (uncooked) with every meal... which does happen often, but not every single meal :P i'm pretty active, would definately not call myself athletic! and i do yoga a few times a week. i was concerned for a while that i wasn't gaining enough, but i have this gigantic belly in front of me and my doctor has said the baby is measuring exactly right for where i'm at, so that put my mind at ease! :)


jeniider - October 5

i am 31 weeks and have gained around 40 pounds, i have eaten pretty bad:( all kinds of sweets and fried foods basically whatever i crave, it is bad and i never exersize. im paying for it now though



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