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kristynewborn - April 12

i'm 34 weeks pregnant and i gained 47 pounds so far. im only 5'1 and i weigh 180 now. i gain 6 pounds every 2 weeks and i watch what i eat and drink. how can i avoid this.


Jenn2 - April 12

I dont know that it can be avoided if you are already eating well? At least you are almost to the end, and you can look forward to loosing the weight. I would just try not to worry for now. What does your doc say to you about the gain?


ni-ki - April 12

i also don't think you can avoid it. And to be honest all your weight gain isn't like fat or anything its probably alot of fluid inside. And if it was a huge problem i am sure your doctor would have told you by now that something was wrong. I am 37 weeks pregnant and gained 23 lbs i just think its different with everyone no matter what you eat or drink i honestly don't think that matters.


meme - April 12

Well, I'm just about 39 weeks preggo, a height of 5'1", & have gained about 35 pounds... but you know what? That brings me to 185 pounds. So it seems to even out in the end anyway, since it seems like that's basically what you're at in relatively the same point of pregnancy. It's not even like I haven't been eating a lot either. Your body probably just thinks you needing this much padding to have a healthy pregnancy & baby. Don't worry... you'll lose 20 or 30 of it in the first two weeks anyway.


maxsmom - April 12

kristynewborn- I am 36 weeks and have gained 55lbs so far as well. I am 5 '3' and weigh 180. The ironic thing, I am a personal trainer. I have been somewhat disciplined in my eating habits and I am very very active even currently. Everly time I go to the doctor I have put on weight. At first it left me very depressed. For the middle part of my pregnancy I refused to look at the scale and I stood on it backwards at my appointment. My doctor keeps rea__suring me not to worry about it because my blood pressure is perfect and I have no complications. If your doctor hasn't told you to slow down or to really start watching it, then I would try not to worry about it. I know it is hard and can be very discouraging but hang in there. It won't be long and you can work it all off. Just wanted to you to know, you aren't all alone!!


Suzanne - April 12

I am 36 weeks and have gained (get ready) 80 freaking pounds. I watched what I ate and drank so much water I should be giving birth to a kid with gills. My Doctor says I am carrying around 50 pounds of extra fluids. We did this test of how much fluid I put in to what came out and my urine was concentrated. Some bodies just hold on to every bit of liquid it can. It is not fat and I have NO stretch marks. There is nothing you can do about it; trust me I have tried everything. Doctor said it will all go away (fluid) within 2 weeks after giving birth. I look like a hippo. It sucks and I feel your pain!


Tess - April 12

Try a low carb diet.....ask your Dr. first before dois this. I know that once you pa__s 32 wks you should gain 1 lb a wk. But then again every pregnancy is DIFFERENT...Im 5'4 and Im almost 35 wks pg this Friday and so far Ive gained 27 lbs.


foxhoundsrgr8 - April 13

I feel for you, girl, so here is my advice...I've not put on a lot of weight at all, yet baby is developing nicely, so here is how I'm doing it: cut down on starchy carbs (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes), concentrate on fruit and veggies, choose low fat dairy products, control your cravings by having only one cheat treat a week, and try to eat small portions of food ever 1-2 hours. Also, do some form of exercise for at least half an hour 6 days a week. If you can do this, believe me, it will work! Good luck..


maxsmom - April 13

I just want to let you know, that if you did not engage in daily physical activity and exercise before your pregnancy, now is not the time to start. I know the weight gain is frustrating but don't try to take up any new activities. Now is not the time.


Nita_ - April 14

I went in for my 30th week appt yday, and was very happy to see that I only gained 5.5 lbs since my last appt 4 weeks ago. I was worried I was gaining too much weight too soon! My midwife says I gained abt 20 lbs so far, but I think she's counting the weight from my 1st appt (which was at 9 weeks by which time I had already over 4 lbs my usual weight). What are you guys comparing your weight against? pre-pregnancy weight or 1st appt weight?


angiebert - April 14

I had gained around 40 lbs by 28 weeks. i am normally 5'4 and 119. i was so bummed! then i started walking 2 miles a day and cutting out sugar. i have leveled off and only gained 4 lbs since! i'm now at 34 weeks. hang in there!!


San - April 14

With my first pregnancy I gained 60 lbs. I dreaded the "weigh in" towards the end of it but felt somewhat relieved when my water broke and my doc was shocked and made a comment like "that's the most fluid i've ever seen" So that may be where alot of your weight is coming from. This pregnancy, I've gained 13 lbs so far at 30.5 weeks.



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