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jenna32 - November 24

if you gained quite a bit every week or 2, i was wondering when everyones weight gain started slowing down. My last 2 visits i only gained 1-2 lbs where as all my other visits i gained like 5 in a week or 2 !!We're not 100% sure of my due date. So i'm being induced on the original due date now (26th) i thought it was. If everyone else's weight gain went down by the last week, i just though i'd be a little more reassured that everything will be ok!


mrose - November 24

Jenna, how many weeks are you? I'll be 34 weeks on Monday, and as of my last appt I had only gained 7 lbs the entire pregnancy...however, I was very sick at the beginning so I'm sure that had a lot to do with it. If you're doctor doesn't seem concerned, then I don't see why you should be either. You're getting induced on the 26th of Nov? Goodluck!


DDT - November 24

My weight gain started slowing down at about 36wks. I believe I only gained about 3 more lbs in my last month of pregnancy. Good luck! In the next 2-3 days you will be holding your lo.


josie4 - November 24

Mine didn't slow. I gained about 50 lbs. The last half of my pregnancy I gained about 7-8 lbs a month.


cayingo - November 24

I started out at 132 and have gained about 18 pounds so far. I am 25 weeks right now. I am within 2 pounds of how I gained weight when was pg w/ my DD 7 years ago. I ended up w/ a 30 pound total gain.


AngelinLuv - November 24

Mine slowed at about 36 weeks. However from 38 to 39 I gained four but I'm pretty sure it's all water since I'm swelled up worse than a balloon. I'm at 30 pounds overall and set to deliver on Thursday. =) Goodluck with your induction!


redmondsky - November 24

My weight gain slowed right down around 36 weeks. I have gained around 34 pounds and we are delivering next week. I guess the most important thing is to eat well and drink plenty of water and of course exercise if you are able to. I stopped going to the gym 2 weeks ago - my body just said enough.


AmberNicole - November 24

I'm 35 weeks, and my weight gain started slowing about a month ago. I started at 97lbs and I currently weigh 128.


jenna32 - November 24

i'll be 40 weeks monday ( according to my first original estimated due date,she thinks i could be 1-2 weeks further which is why the talk about induction). She doesn't seem to concerned but she did say she was hopeing that she wouldn't have to induce me. If everybody's seem to have slow down around 36 weeks, i must be at the very least 38 then which should be good! She's also said " it's a good size baby".Everyone is probably different though. lol i've gained about 50-60 lbs as well. i was trying to just work out by running once a week and some light walking/housework during the second trimester,tried not to overdo it like i usually do, but by the third i slowed down with it a ton! I think even working out some of us can't control it. I haven't dilated at all and she says i'm not ripe. So 2 days until i get that gel thing! Knowing everyone weight gain slowed around the same time is a positive sign! Good luck with your deliveries ladies!



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