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Rae - November 10

I'm entering my 32nd week tomorrow and I'm just wondering what everyone else's weight gain was toward the end. I can't seem to stop eating the past couple of weeks, and I am afraid I'm gonna gain a ton of weight all of a sudden. Thanks for your response.


Jodie - November 10

Hi Rae. I am 38 weeks and I have gained about 40 pounds. Since about week 35 my weight fluxuates with each visit...one visit I will gain one visit I will lose...it's weird but consistant. The doc doesn't seemed concernd at all. I have had a mondo appat_te though...I feel like all I do is eat...but at my appointment yesterday I lost 2 pounds.....wooo hooo!!!!!!


lynn - November 10

today i started my 32nd week and sofar i have gained only 13 pounds. I think i am on the low side though. Doc said everything is okay. I know i will put a lot on in the next couple of weeks!


J - November 10

I'm at 34 weeks and I've gained 20 lbs. But, my appet_te has been a lot bigger since entering the 3rd trimester. I never craved anything until the 3rd and now I'm very impulsive about what foods I want RIGHT NOW!


Kerri - November 10

Hi Rae, I will be 33 weeks tomorrow and have gained 55 pounds. I have a tall frame as I'm almost 5'9 but my OB told me Tuesday to watch the carbs and try to slow down the weight gain as my due date is Dec 29. I was very athletic up until about two months ago but now can't do much cardio because all of my weight is in my belly only and no where else so its very uncomfortable but I told the OB that Halloween was really good and was eating too many Reece's peanut b___ter cups and like J when I get a craving you have to eat right away but I will be a little more conservative on my chocolate craving.


Jennifer - November 10

I am 35 weeks and have gained 28 pounds. I put most of my weight on in the third trimester. At my 7 month visit I had only gained 8 pounds total my whole pregnancy, so the other 20 pounds have come on in the last say 6 or 7 weeks! That's when my appet_te kicked in, I'm starving all the time. The Dr. says I'm doing good. He said some women's bodies are just different about how they gain the weight.


Lauren - November 10

I am 36 1/2 weeks and have gained 16 pounds. I think I will gain at least 5 more by the time I give birth. I seem to be getting hungrier as this pregnancy nears the end.


jessika - November 10

I will be 32 weeks on Sat. and I lost 8 lbs. in the beginning and then gained that back plus 8 more lbs. so I don't know if I have gained 8 lbs. or 16lbs. Either way that is not a lot, I am little and so is baby Tucker...


Jean - November 10

I'm 27 weeks and have gained 20. I was hoping to gain 25 total. HA! Forget that.


Tati - November 10

Hi Rae, I was woundering how much did you gain so far? I will be 34 weeks this Sunday and I go up and down from 30-35lb. In the morning I weigh 165 and by the evening 170. My Normal weight is 135. By the way do you know what you are having? I have two girls and I gained a total of 30lb now we are expecting a boy and wow I still have a good month and a 1/2 to go. Also sometime you don't even have to eat more to gain. It seems like I eat the way I did before pregnancy but now everything is going in me. By the way everyone is different. You could be the one that gains the most and loses the fasts. I gain 30 with my daughter it took me good 9 months to lose it, my friend gained 60 and was back to be normal self by the time the baby was two WEEKS. you know how that feels.


Steph - November 10

I am currently 38 weeks and so far I have gained 29 pounds. I have become very swollen in the last two months, so my doctor thinks a lot of the wieght gain is water weight - Good Luck to all!


Rae - November 10

Hey everyone. So far I have gained 17 lbs. compared to 50 with my first and 30 with my second pregnancy. I guess I just look more normal this time around. My pre-pregnancy weight was 139, My apet_te was normal until about 2 weeks ago, and I just can't seem to stop eating now. I'm ALWAYS hungry. Anyways, Thanks for all your input.


Lena - November 10

OMG, girls, I've already gained 64 pounds!!!! I don't know when it's going to stop. I was 109 to begin with, and gained about 25 pounds in my first trimester. I'm 35 weeks now. My doc said it's because I was so skinny to begin with. I'm not that tall though, only 5'4". So far I haven't met anyone who's gained as much as me...and I still have 5 weeks to go. I've been reading that you usually lose in the last month, since the amniotic fluid decreases, but I'm sure that's not going to stop my fat cells from forming!


patty - November 10

I have gained 36 pounds and am in my 34th week.. I am due on dec 29th and had hoped to only gain 40pds but hey you get what you get huh?


Jaclyn - November 11

Lena, don't feel bad! I have gained 52 lbs. & am entering my 35th week. I can't stop the weight gain either! But the good news is that my stomach is getting squished by the baby so I get full alot faster. I actually lost a lb. from my last visit!


erin - November 11

I am 37 weeks and gained 18 lbs, 4 last week alone!


Tati - November 12

You heared my story, but I just wanted to add that ever since I tried to control my self not eating after 7 it helped. For the past two weeks I was up and down from 165-170lb.



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