Weight Gain For 27 Weeks

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hkillingsworth - March 13

I have gained 15 points is this ok for being 27 weeks or have I gained to much? I'm 5 4" and prepregnancy weight was 135. Should I start watching my weight or am I on track to just do the normal 25 pounds??


Chan - March 13

As long as the babyi s growing I think everything is ok. I am 28 weeks and have gained 9 pounds. and my midwife even said my baby is measuring about 1 week bigger. Everyone and pregnancy is different. When I was pregnant with my first I had gained 15 pounds by 26 weeks, I think the reason I haven't gained that much weight this time is because I have an 18 month old that always keeps me busy.


gina - March 14

You are totally fine! I am 28 weeks, and have gained 22lbs. I started out a average weight, and everything seems to be fine. Some women slow down towards the end with the weight gain, while others speed up with the weight gain at the ehd. Everyone is different, and if you are being helathy about your diet......your body will do the rest.


Daniella - March 15

At my 30 week visit, I was up 14 pounds... Much better since my visit before I was only up 4 pounds and was worried. My diet didn't change, etc. and I did put on a good weight between my visit.... So, if your body needs it, it will put it on. Everyone said that if I didn't gain much by the third trimester it will hit me late.. sure enough, it looks that way and I am doing the exact same stuff as before. So, don't worry!!! Whatever weight you gain is probably what you needed. Just stay healthy and active (as much as your body allows)... plus I think 15 pounds at 27 weeks falls into the average catagory for the US. In Japan they don't want to see you gain more than 15 pounds the whole pregnancy (think its BS)... Anyhow, from now forward you should put on a pound a week. So, if your 15 pounds up at 27 weeks... that leaves 13 more pounds to gain. A total of 28 pounds. Totally perfect for a normal weight gain. :)



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