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cindyc - June 8

I am almost 35 weeks pregnant and I've been doing really well on weight gain so far. I've been doing water aerobics, walking and eating healthy (except for sweets sometimes). Well, on my 34 week visit I gained 6 pounds in two weeks!! I am more swollen lately due to the heat and the doctor thinks it's water retention but it still made me really sad and worried about my total weight gain. I started at 137 pre-preg weight and now I'm 177!! The doctor keeps on reassuring me that I'm fine because I exercise, eat heathly, don't have GD and have a normal blood pressure but I still feel like I've done something wrong. Has anyone else had this kind of weight jump? Do you guys think it's water retention? Thanks...


Roary - June 8

In one day my weight can go up 6 lbs. The next day I pee off 5 lbs of it. My urine samples and bp are normal. I just am unlucky enough to swell a lot. My doctor tellls me to rest more. (shrug)


ARD - June 8

Hi! Its funny you posted this!! I just went for my 2 week appt. this past Tuesday (I'm 34 weeks) and I put on 8 lbs in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was SHOCKED. I have been doing very well with weight gain - not too much at all, but all of the sudden I was traumatized by the scales!! My doctor says it was a growth spurt and some swelling possibly because I am all belly. Still doesn't make me feel any better! :O)


livdea - June 8

In two months I gained about 20 lbs...go figure. I about had a heart attack...right along with my Dr. but I too have been doing things right, exercising, eating well...it's just crept up. Kills me. I feel my fat legs now and hate it but...what am I supposed to do? I think it's pretty normal for you to have some major increases in weight towards the end. Least the nurses told me that. and like the other girls said...water retention! UGH!


Tanya2 - June 8

I had a baby girl last Sept and got pregnant again, I'm having a boy this Sept, they will be 11 months apart. Please ladies don't complain about your weight. You should see me, especially since I didn't get to loose all my pregnancy weight from my first and got pregnant again. At my 6 month appointment I weighted almoast the same as I was at 9 months when my daughter was born last year. I'm even scared what the scale will say next week, I'll be 28 weeks on Sat. I still have 3 more months to go. The doc rea__sures me that everything is fine and since i am literally pregnant 2 years in a row this is normal. But I feel like hell. My GD test was negative and BP is normal as well, I take walks everyday, so now i'm trying to cut down on my sweets (my weakness), plus my husband keeps feeding me saying your pregnant enjoy it, eat, eat eat. I can't wait till this baby is out, I'll probably be too busy with 2 kids and might help reduce the weight a little faster. Before I got pregnant on my first baby last year Jan i was 140, last months docs visit I was 184, what am I going to do!!!!!!!!!!


Jenn2 - June 8

dont worry about it too much. I had gained all my pregnancy weight by 36 weeks. I am now 40 weeks today, and have not gained a pound in a month. I am still eating normal and walking a bit like I have done my entire pregnancy, but for some reason my body is not gaining here at the end. I was one who gained allot in the second trimester and then it stabalized in the third. Some women are opposite and gain a bunch in the third trimester, but not much earlier on. You could actually end up loosing a pound or two the last few weeks. You've got to remember that most of it is water weight, and that can fluctuate daily.


AlissaF - June 8

between weeks 31-32, I gained 6lbs in a week. Nothing had changed with my diet. And now, at 36 weeks, I have only gained an additional pound. I don't know why I had the sudden increase and then no change afterwards, but my baby is healthy and growing, so I am not complaining.


mommie2b - June 8

don't feel bad from last thursday to this thursday I gained 5 pounds and I have bein walkin a mile to 2 miles a day on the treadmel.


dee23 - June 9

yeah im in the same boat now. but atleast you girls have the heat and water retention as an excuse.....i had my 34 week check up today and i put on 3kg in the past 2 weeks...i think thats around 7 pounds. and i havent swallon up and my bp is normal......my doc told me to slow down on the sweets! i dont even eat that much! i dont understand the big jump, but im not happy....cause if its not water retention then its just extra weight i have to loose after birth....and ive only got 7 months to loose it before my wedding. im fairly upset. :(


ReneeM - June 10

I had some jumps in weight also, especially at the end of my 2nd trimester to the beginning of my 3rd. but since my 36 wk until now (over 39 wks) I have only gained 1 pound. So I think a lot if times the weight gain can drop off at the end of the pregnancy.


mommie2be - June 10

You haven't done anything wrong. This is the time where growth spurts and weight gain are accelerated. A girl that I work with went from 130 to 187 in her last month... she was a little party girl and was always out dancing and staying fit... but her last month she shot up. I had a growth spurt recently and gained 8 pounds in one month. My doctor fussed at me and I hadn't even changed my eating habits-- which are not bad. She had me keep a food diary, which I did and she confirmed that it was baby's growth spurt.


JSD - October 28

I'm SOOO happy you posted about this. Between my 30 and 32 week check up I gained 6.8 lbs! It puts me at a current weight gain of 30 lbs and I still have 2 months to go! I asked both the doctor and the nurse if that was normal and they both smiled and said it was for where I started in weight and that they weren't worried. My doctor actually said the gain made her happy?! Sometimes I think there is a conspiracy to see me get fat! They did say that sometimes you end up losing weight in the last month so they aren't worried at all and that babies grow in spurts. Of course, my dear mother told me it was a sign that I was eating too much, which I HAVEN'T been doing because there's no room in my stomach for much at a time and while not all my eating decisions are as healthy as they could be I get a balanced diet. I'll be glad when this is over ;-)



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