Weight Increase In Two Weeks

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Katie - February 16

Im 32 wks and saw the doc today. Everything was great as far as baby heartbeat - 150, urine test - normal, blood pressure- normal, tummy measurement was 32, no swelling....... BUT holy cow my weight sky rocked the last two weeks. I gained 8 lbs in 2 wks. He wasn't concerned at all for the fact everything else looked good. I was curious if anyone had a jump in weight like this?


M - February 16

Don't worrie that happened to my cousin, the doctor said it was just a growth spurt.


maya - February 16

hey. I'm in my 28th week. I had a big jump in weight as well. 5 kg in one month. so my doctor is worried that I may intollerant to sugars.. gestational diabetes.. I'll be going in for some tests tomorrow. they have me drink some sugary water, then take my blood every hour for a couple hours. hadnt even noticed the weight.. oh. and the baby is also large.. it isnt fat. it is just a big baby.. my weight gain may have contributed to the big baby.. I have to stop that! otherwise he wont be able to squeeze out!!


KLC - February 16

Hi Katie...I am 32 weeks and I go to the Dr. every week now due to preterm labor. Last week at my checkup I had put on 4 lbs in one week!!! I have gained 23 total so I didn't think it was that big a deal but he said he just didn't want it to be something that happened every week. Also I only gained 1/2 lbs the first few months and some not at all so it all evens out.


Stacy - February 16

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! At my 32 week appt I gained 9 lbs in 2 weeks! I almost hit the floor. I was doing sooooo well, holding steady at a 30 lb weight gain for 2 months and then BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one. I am tryiong to cut out all the sugar in my diet, but man it is hard. I WANT KRISPY CREAM!!!!!!


KelyFranz - February 16

I just went to the doc's on tuesday, and I had gained 6 pounds in 10 days.... thats crazy. If I keep that up, I will be obese. I have 11 weeks left to go.


K - February 16

I went to the Dr this week and didnt ask I'm afraid to. at 24 weeks I had gained 18 pounds Im now 28 weeks and scared how this last trimester will be so I'm glad to hear the rest of you are doing the same.


Marlene - February 16

At my doctors appt last week I had gained 8lbs in two weeks. I was at 147lb this morning i weighed 149 already. I ago again feb 24 and will be 36wks and probably at least 151lbs. I guess that happens in the last couple of weeks. So today at 34 almost 35wks I've gained a total of 39lbs-my doctor hasnt said anything but if he did I wouldnt care if I'm hungry I'll eat!!


Casey - February 16

Yes that just happened to me. I gained 6lbs in 2 weeks. The Dr. said to me its normal because the baby is the one who gained the weight, not us.


val - February 16

I'm 32 weeks now, and at my 30 wk appointment I had only gained 1 lb in a week, but the 2 weeks before that I gained 7 lbs, and the 3 weeks before that I gained another 7 lbs. I think sometimes we go through these growth spurts when the baby is getting a lot bigger. My dr. didn't seem concerned, she just said let's not have that happen every single appointment, and it hasn't since then.


val - February 16

I meant 1 lb in 2 weeks, not a week...


Dallas - February 17

I'm 37 weeks and put on 4 1/2 lbs in 1 week. I wanted to cry! The nurse tried to tell me it was for a good cause....not very comforting I'm afraid. I'm hoping this doesn't happen every week until the very end, I've been doing so good until now!


Katie part2 of weight gain - February 17

thank you all for posting...ahhh I feel much better to know it's not just me...lol....but I thought I'd let all u know also that I had an US yesterday and she is 9 days ahead of what the expected LMP due date is, 4/13/06 where yesterdays US due date puts her at 4/4/06. I've been told and I'm aware that US can be off w/weight etc...but her measurements head, femur, foot, stomach, I could see her breathing in the US along w/some hair on her head too. She could just end up being a big baby and I go to 4/13/06 which would put her at or over 9 lbs...god help me!! She weighed 4lbs 12oz so I dunno...Im excited and shes healthy. The last 8 lbs I gained honestly I think it went all to her especially now after the US it confirms it. So all u girls that have had weight gain all the sudden, it's just our little ones growing!! Enjoy it while u can!! And maybe the fudgesicles and rice kripie treats didn't help..but shhhhhhhh!! :-) Take care and congrats to all u!!



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