Weight Loss At 37 Wks

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Kristin - August 29

Ive been having trouble gaining weight throughout my pregnancy and finally reached 19lbs at 34 weeks. I was weighed last week and Im now down to 16lbs. That means Ive lost 3 lbs!!! Is this normal?


Heidi - August 29

I heard that towards the end it's not uncommon at all to lose a few pounds. I suppose it's not as comfortable to eat and you probably burn lots of calories hoofing around that belly! I'm at 32 wks and I've sort of started to just level off if not lose a pound or two. Not as hungry. Lots of heartburn and reflux and busy busy busy!!!!


miranda - August 29

I just recently read that around 35-37 weeks the amniotic fluid decreases in amount and that is why women tend to lost a couple pounds. But if you're worried ask your dr.


NG - August 29

Yes it is normal to lose weight in the last few weeks. It is also a sign that it will not be long untill labor starts.


Audrea - August 30

I also had a hard time gaining weight at first due to severe vomiting the first 19 weeks. But then I gained weight pretty fast to catch up when the baby really started to grow. I am now 34 weeks and have gained 24 pounds, but have not gained any weight in the last month. My doctor does not seem to be concerned at all since the overall weight gain has been where it needs to be. I have been told, and read, that in the last trimester we should gain one pound per week and that in the last two months half a pound a week goes on the baby. So my question is, if I have not gained any weight in the last month does that mean the baby has not gained any weight either? Has anyone else gone through a period of a month or more this late in pregnancy and not gained any weight and the baby still did? Would like comments please.....


Kristin - August 30

I was wondering the same thing as Aundrea. I worry that the baby is not gaining. My first weighed 9lbs2oz and I gained 100lbs. My second weighed 7lbs15oz and I gained 30lbs. My DR said that it has more to do with having a healthy placenta than maternal weight gain. He did say that I should try for a weight gain of 27lbs and now Im stuck at 16lbs. As long as baby is healthy, I guess it will be pretty easy to get back to normal weight post partum. Thanks for all of the replies!



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