Weight Of Baby

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seanyshoony - May 14

hi all, i m into the 29 weeks. checkup showed my little girl weighs at 3.36 pounds. is she hving average weight coz as normal, i hv comments tat my tummy looks small for 29 weeks.


rachel_renee_20 - May 14

Oh gosh I don't know if it's a normal weight but I think that they double that 3.36 so it would be at birth 6 something. Im 36weeks and people have been telling me sice forever that I am small for how far along I am. So if your Doc says everything is fine don't worry


Olivene - May 15

Hi. I printed out a chart because I was concerned my baby might be too big. It says that at 29 weeks the average weight is 2.54 pounds. According to that, you have no worries. I've know many women who hardly showed at all and had perfectly healthy full-size babies. Happy baby growing to you!


seanyshoony - May 15

phew! thanks for the replies knowing tat my girl's weight is fine .. concern coz i will b goin for caserean & she might b out early 38wks!


Brandie in Ga - May 15

Olivene may I ask where u got that chart so I can take a look too please...


Tillie - May 15

I'd like to see that chart, too! I just found out (through a sonogram) that at 35 weeks my baby weighs 5.4 pounds. I'd love to know if this is average.


Ba8y6irl - May 15

at my 30 week scan my girl weighed 3lbs 13oz. and now at 38 weeks she weighs 6lbs 13oz. so... I am a__suming she is just right! no worries though, babies will weigh all different sizes and they still come out healthy and perfect, and besides, they arent always 100% accurate on weight anyways


Evonna - May 15

Well i'm 28 weeks and my baby is 2 lbs, so your baby is fine.


Dawn - May 15

Hi-try this website http://www.babycenter.com/general/pregnancy/1290794.html


LL - May 15

I'm 30 weeks and my doctor never tells me what the weight of my baby is at my appointments. Is this something that they measure by ultrasound or just guess at or what?


Ba8y6irl - May 15

all my weight measurements are done at ultrasounds, I have had 5 or so cuz of a swelling in her kidney so thats how I know :) she is all better now though


seanyshoony - May 15

normally i saw my gynae fr the ultrascan - took the measurement of the babe's head, stomach & the leg (femur) & derive the approx weight. I wld love to hv more coming in sharing the weights of their babies & even those tat had given birth so tat we know tat our babies will b of perfectly healthy full-size babies when they r born. I m quite concerned coz I will b goin for caserean & tat will b early 38th wk.


Hi - May 16

At my 30 week scan the baby weighed 3 1/2 pounds.They told me to expect an 8 1/2 baby.


Cabbie - May 16

My baby weighed 3.5 lbs at 29 weeks. They said to expect him to be at least as big as my last baby, 8lb 14 oz.


pwd3mama - May 18

I wish I could say the same I was at the beginning of my 37th week and my baby is measured in at 8lbs 8oz and they don't want to induce cause it's my first baby and I have no complications so they are saying mine will weigh approx 11 lbs


melsmama - May 18

they told me my daughter would weight 7lbs and 6 oz via ultrasound. two days later when I gave birth, she was 9lbs and 3 oz . they were a little off.



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