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klm - September 27

Last night I dreamt that my little boy was born a girl, but thats not the weird part, she had 3 feet on one leg and none on the other. It was just an exposed bone like on a chicken leg. It was awful.


Heidi - September 27

Ha ha! OMG! I'm laughing my a__s off!!! Too funny. I've had weird ones too but mine are pretty boring. Like I go into labor and it's pretty much painless and my kid is just perfect and never cries and before you know it she's like five already. Ha ha! I wish! But anyway, I had one the other night that there were rats in our bedroom and as I was sleeping on my back I drempt one crawled under the covers by our feet and was running up between me and the fiance and as soon as it got to my side, the baby must have dragged her foot right along my side and up into my ribs cus I almost jumped right out of bed thinking the rat was in the bed! Ha ha! It's like the baby knew what I was dreaming and just had to intensify it a little. Now that freaked me out! I watched something on the learning channel last night about a baby born with an extra head and abdomen! I thought for sure I'd have nightmares but I didn't.


Missey - September 27

LOL I wouldn't worry, I think we all have these weird dreams during pregnancy especially towards the end. I just recently read about dreams of this kind in pregnancy, they say it's anxiety and when you have dreams about something being 'wrong' with the baby it's a way of being prepared (so to speak) IF something were not what you expected with your child...but mainly just worries and apprehension about the big day. :) I SO know how you wake up like, what the heck was that all about! LOL


Barb - September 27

LOL...that beats me dreaming about giving birth to a beautiful black puppy dog!! hahaha...then nursing it...LOL...too funny :)


Julie - September 27

OK how's this for a weird dream. I dreamt I had a baby girl who was blind. In my dream the baby was about 2 or 3 weeks old and I was at the dentist office for an appointment. Whenever the baby and I were alone in the waiting room, she would talk to me, in perfectly clear sentences, but whenever anyone else was there it was back to crying and baby talk. During one of out alone times, she told me not to worry about the blindness, because she could see, just not like I could. What does this mean??????????


klm - September 27

I know it was just a dream and I've always been an avid dreamer but that one threw me off, I'm still freaked out by it. In my dream I even asked the doctor how to fix it and she was all "oh its perfectly normal" I was so mad, yelling at her that it wasn't normal I wanted her to have 2 feet -one on each leg but she was all sweet and "no no its fine"


Ca__sie - September 27

klm, I wouldn't worry about it. Sounds like maybe you have talked to your doctor about some concerns in the past and all she said was, "it is normal, all is fine." Has that happened to you before? I know we experience a lot of things in pregnancy, and when we discuss it, we often get the same response, "it's normal." anyway, dreams can freak us out, but the feeling fades. I had a dream just last night about seeing my baby girl on one of those fancy u/s. On the u/s, she smiled and she was sooo cute. I really wonder what she will look like. Otherwise, I've had dreams like Heidi... where I go into labor and deliver this beautiful baby with no pain whatsoever... then all of a sudden she is a toddler. hahahaha.



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