Weird Fetal Movements

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Maddie - April 20

I am wondering if anyone else feels "twitches" in their lower right or left side of belly? I am about 30 weeks preg. and have recently been feeling little types of "twitch" feelings. It comes on sometimes when I'm sitting, but it lasts for about 2-5 minutes, and it is at VERY regular time twitch every 2 seconds or so. My mom put her hand on my belly and felt it too. We were confused! I still feel kicks and rolls everyday, but what are these little twitches? Is the baby's nervous system harmed? Could it be spasms? And does anyone know if it's possible to be able to tell if your baby is having seizures in the womb? Am I paranoid? Advice please! Thanks.


EM - April 20

I asked in my cla__s about a similar movement...all of a sudden the baby would move REALLY fast and jerky like he was shaking. I was told that lots of mom's experience this movement and relate it to a seizure but its normal. It's also normal to be paranoid...can't we have a window installed to be able to look inside there and see what's going on! I wouldn't worry if you are having the normal movements along with the twiches (he/she's probably practicing to be able to ride a bike! J/K)


Maddie - April 20

Thanks EM. That makes me happy to know that it's probably normal movements!


Stephanie - April 20

Did you ever think that maybe your little one has hiccups. If they are the kind of twitches I am thinking of, you will get them pretty regularly. My baby gets them everynight around 3am and then around 1pm. Hope it helps a little!...


Karen - April 20

I am 32 weeks and I know exactly what you are talking about. I get the same twich like feelings. I did alot of reading and it could be a spasm. I get worried when it happens but then I feel the normal kicking and movements and feel alot better.


Jenny - April 20

I get that periodically too. Just the other day I was at the computer and she went postal inside of me. It was like she had a 3 second spasm or seizure or like something scared her and she tried to jump out of me. It was bizarre. I remember my husband even looked at me suspiciously because my whole stomach really vibrated and it happened so fast. Apparently, it is normal and a good sign of their reflexes. As for being hiccups, no it is not that or you would be feeling regular hiccups patterns. My baby gets the hiccups almost everyday and they feel just like that, hiccups, no spasms or anything like that.


Toya - April 20

Sounds like hiccups to me..


Jen - April 20

If your baby is head down, it's probably the hiccups.


Kymmi - April 20

Sounds to me like it may be hiccups (as someone here already stated). If they come at "regular intervals" and only last for a couple of minutes, then it is probably just the hiccups.


Maddie - April 20

Yeah, it's just one "thump" that happens in intervals. It happens 3-4 times a day, and lasts for 2-5 minutes. It does't feel like a spasm...just constant little thumps that you can feel from the outside.


Kymmi - April 21

Definately sounds like hiccups!


EM - April 21

I have to agree after reading this again. I do get this on my VERY lower left someone said that means the baby is head down is this true? HOPE SO!


Maddie - April 22

I went to the doctor two days ago, and she confirmed that it is hiccups. The babies head is down, and has been for about 3-4 weeks. My doc also told me that it's very healthy for the baby to hiccup because this shows that his lungs are developing correctly. *sigh* what a relief.


Becky - May 10

I am so glad to have read these posts! I kept thinking I was insane! I am 32 weeks pregnant and I keep feeling little thumps that are one right after the other and at first I thought there was a problem, but now I know it's normal. The only annoyance is when she decides to hiccup at 4am for twenty minutes straight!! I can't wait until she's born!!


me - May 10

it`s proberbly hiccups in fact i`m sure it is, i`m on my third baby and I know exactly what your feeling it`s good for the little one. take care


TeeTee - May 11

I think I know what you are talking about. My baby will move real fast and you know that it can't be kicking or punching that fast. It's very wierd but talking to my mom she said that she remembers feeling that too. I think that it is perfectly normal but it does feel like a seizure. Good luck.


Katie - May 12

Sounds like your baby haws hiccups!! This is very common and isn't harming to the baby. My first son had them ALL the time. HTH



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