Weird Fetal Movements

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lunamoo - January 6

Hi newbabyras! always good to hear one is not alone. I spoke with the hospital and my midwife yesterday and they said that it is most likely to be me and not the baby. That it could be a vessel or perhaps a mini superficial muscle spasm. I know it is not hiccups. I would be curious to hear what your doc or midwlfe says. I haven't felt them in 2 days now, but my baby is super active for long periods of time. Where do you live? xx


Cady - January 6

It sounds like hiccups to me! : ) My baby started getting them at around 28 weeks and I'm 37 weeks and it still happens. At first I thought it was my digestive tract or something cuz it felt so strange. Don't worry about it!


deborah70 - January 10

I'm glad the thread was reopened! I found this site on a search about weird fetal movements. I'm at 19 weeks, and just had another ultrasound. I don't feel much besides fluttering- but it's what we saw on the screen that concerns me. Absolutely NO HICCUPS involved! I've seen those- and this is different. Just a seemingly involuntary twitch- where her neck and head would twitch to the side, and an arm or leg would twitch and sometimes kick/punch at the same time. DEFINITELY a twitch! It happened every other ten seconds- was lightning quick- and looked very much like the twitches I've seen in adults with disorders. The nurse giving the scan said the movements were normal- but the doctor was also too busy to step in and observe- so I'm still skeptical. Hoping for the best, but still skeptical. And please, don't tell me it's hiccups! I was watching the screen very closely!! Anyone else had this and talked with a doctor?


lunamoo - January 10

Hi Debra, I KNOW it is not hiccups and I get a bit frustrated when people say that. My 1st had hiccups and I can not even COMPARE the difference. I have an u/s tomorrow and will ask the dr. It made sense when I was told that it was not the baby, but my "vessels" or "muscle spasm". The feeling is a vibration and very fast. Hiccups are totally different. They feel like HICCUPS. If you hear anything please let me know as well. Did you ever call your dr. back?


Thao - June 7

No it's not a hicup, because hicup is constant and very easy to be notice, plus hicup is almost like a heartbeat but much stronger. Anyway I'm in my 38 weeks, I don't know if it's the same thing of what I've experienced, but it's a quick flapping like movement which lasted for about 2-3 seconds. I got really scared because it was something I never felt during my first or second trimester. I'm planning to ask my doctor on our next appointment (which is next week) and if I find out anything I will surely post to share. In the mean time try not to stress yourself out, which isnt good for u and the baby. God bless!


salyev - June 7

I also think they are hiccups. My baby gets them almost everyday in the late afternoon and evening.


ImpatientMommy - June 7

Definitely hiccups! A little bump... bump.... bump. They are very rythmic and come at regular time inverals. See, hiccups! And they are completely normal!


Alison - June 9

Sounds like hiccups to me - my DD had them lots when I was pregnant with her! Your description sounds just like hiccups to me :-) Very normal in pregnancy xxx


wailing - June 9

I've had bothof the things mentioned on here. The hiccups are a constant jumpy feeling and usually on one side for me. But just a 1 jump feeling. The weird spasmic twitching thing I've felt too, and have nooo idea what that is. I'm sure just some nerve development. It reminds me of what a dog does when they shake water off after a bath. It happens maybe once or twice irradically then stops. The hiccups are much more calm and less spastic


malia - November 27

I've had both hiccups and those spasmic movements that you speak of-the difference is hiccups are spaced further apart and have more impact. These spasms are quick, one after the other (faster than I could hit a punching bag) and lighter feeling then hiccups. I'd be interested to know if any of the women above have had their babies and found any abnormalities in their nervous system.


sleeping_less - January 8

Hi, this is my fourth pregnancy and with my previous 3 I experineced the 'hiccups'..this is not hiccups! baby is head down and the closest sensation that i can describe it to is when a mobile phone is set to vibrate. I have read the ones about hiccups and would just say please understand that this sensation is not the same as hiccups at all! I'm hoping it is me as opposed to the baby (it does remind me of prolonged spasms too, and the baby is moving around with the occasional kick or punch too. God willing it is nothing to worry about- having said that what pregnancy doesn't bring its worries? Usually imagined- thank God!!! Good luck with your pregnancies all :)


sleeping_less - January 8 could you resist? all i can say if you experience hiccups like these you have to be looked at in the most odd manner by those around you! haha!


Gemini_Girl - January 8

Hiya my baby is head down too and I get that all the time it does feel weird but I just put it down some sort of movement this is my first so I dont know any different, it would be good to see whats going on in there!


sleeping_less - January 8

Hi! I was just reading another site..and the news is is perhaps (I know!) caused by spinal misalignment which can be remedied by a chiropractor..of course, the down side is that spinal change is normal for pregnancy...but all sorts of people suffer with too! So please don't worry- it isn't hiccups and it isn't serious either... apparently gentle stretching exercises and deep breathing should help! Good luck!! :)


KRISTINA - January 8

I have felt the same sort of thing I think....Does it feel like a pulse, but just a little stronger? I thought it might be the hickups but the thumps were so close together that I thought maybe not. But its down in my lower stomach too and I know my baby is head down right now.


Olivia22108 - January 9

i have felt the same thing for a few weeks and i am almost 34 weeks now, and i asked my Dr. about it and she said it was the baby hiccuping.



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