Weird Fetal Movements

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Olivia22108 - January 9

i have felt the same thing for a few weeks and i am almost 34 weeks now, and i asked my Dr. about it and she said it was the baby hiccuping.


izechsmama - January 9

its definately the hiccups... this is my second pregnancy and with both of them my babies have had the hiccups several times a day!! and especially you mentioned that the twitches are in the lower right or left.. thats more than likely because your baby is head down.. i am 33 weeks and always feel them really low down... earlier on i used to feel them like mid belly or towards the top before he turned.... dont worry..


sleeping_less - January 9

Hiccups feel like a mini version of your own it could feel 'pulse' like, but the 'vibration' sensation is NOT hiccups. It is nerve related due to posture and increased pressure, it is harmless though to both mother and baby...and men also experience this (often due to spinal misalignment, which is also often the cause for women..pregnancy drastically alters the spine position and ligaments are loose which means lifting and twisting makes the spine more vulnerable. I hope no-one would suggest that men are just experinecing fetal hiccups??? (sympathy for partner perhaps?) Also women in their 50's and 60's have experienced the vibration sensation...pelvic, v____al and lower stomach and have stated they are post menopause or have even had hysterectomies. Hiccups really can be distinguished from the vibration...logically hiccups do not cause a vibration lasting a few seconds either. Sometimes we ask from midwives things beyond their knowledge- however it is their duty to rea__sure us, and it IS harmless!!!


4thtimemom - January 24

I'm just about 33 weeks, pregnancy #4, none of the others had this twitching. I certainly know the difference between hiccups and these other movements. My next appointment is on 2/1, I will post the answer from the doctor. This is so weird as I didn't have it with any of the others, I'm a little nervous but comforted by the others that are feeling the same thing. I wish some of these previous posters would have come back and commented on their outcome, oh well. I'll be sure to do it.


orelia - February 20

ITS NOT HICCUPS!!! This is my forth pregnancy and I certainly know the difference. I am 32 wks pregnant and never felt ths spasm like twitching before, it comes from the baby. I am on my way to m doctor, so I will post again.


Sims1 - February 20

OMG yah i totally do really low right?? like these really light twitches that almost feel like their inthe skin and not hard and deep like the rest of the that what you feel too?? i thought it was so wierd but just didn't mention it or think twice about it. but they're not fast movements or even feel like movement more like light taps and twitches really low on the sides of my belly. like really low close to teh folds.


Sims1 - February 20

lol i didn't read the rest of the posts. i thought too they were hiccups, but i feel like i can now feel hiccups and this isn't the same it's just really like tapping like the skin is being pushed out but not a movement. wierd, alright well....oh


orelia - February 20

Been to the doctor, now 32 wks pregnant. The movements we are experiencing are to do with the baby's motoring skills that have not fully developed yet and is nothing to worry about. I am happy with that, hope it makes sence to you all.


newdawn49 - February 22

ok...the little rhythmic twitches are hiccups. the weird movements that feel like spasms/seizures? i've been having those too. i mentioned them to the NP yesterday and she had me go to fetal diagnostic testing for a non stress test. the baby's heart rate and movement checked out fine...of course he didn't do the crazy movement while i was hooked up to the monitors. i spoke to my obgyn and she said that women say they feel 'seizure like' movements all the time but that unless it happens while they are doing an ultrasound, there's no way to tell what it really is. she also said that she has never seen a correlation with women who have this and their baby having a problem after birth, so that's good news :-)


jujulbee98 - February 22

ok, i told my dr about my baby having 'seizures' (i have seen many people have seizures and this was the only thing i could compare them to) its like a vibrating but its the whole baby, definately not just hiccups. she told me that about 5% of the moms feel this, its basically a growth spurt, kinda like when older babies/todlers streatch(she reffered to it as 'shivers' as opposed to 'siezures'). she said it is quite normal and is nothing to worry about, just that we are very in tune with whats happening to/in our bodies and can feel it. oh and i think i talked to her about this at my 28 wk appt, im at 33 and still feel them, just less often!


4thtimemom - February 25

I have been struggling with posting my information only because I did not want to worry any of you but just want to stress, PLEASE TAKE IT EASY. I had the baby on January 27, my water broke while I was sleeping. I live on Cape Cod and as there is not a hospital that has a NICU, I was rushed into Bostons Brigham and Womans hospital. The baby was born approximately 7 1/2 weeks premature. He is still in the hospital. The doctors in Boston did not think the "mini seizures" that I was experiencing had anything to do with my water breaking. All I want to tell you all is PLEASE rest, take it easy. I think I was trying to be super mom and do everything for everybody and was not taking care of myself. Take care and god bless.


cors1wfe - February 25

I would say that it could be hiccups from what you are describing. Babies get hiccups in the third trimester and pretty often I am sure all if fine hope that helps


kirstie040 - February 27

it sounds like your baby is hickupping nothing to worry about they all get it, sometimes some women dont feel it but most do so yeah please dont worry yourself


shenandoah - August 15

I am now 39 weeks pregnant, and for several weeks of my pregnancy, my baby had these strange spasms about every day, and I was very worried about seizures. I promised myself that I would come back and post for other mothers that were worried, because what I felt was definitely not hiccups (which he gets almost every day, too). These movements were like the involuntary twitch that you sometimes get in your eye; a very quick vibration lasting about 10-15 seconds, then often repeating a minute or so later. My midwives didn't know what it was, had never had another patient speak about them, but felt sure that they were simply a reflection of an immature nervous system; that the spasms, which were combined with lots of normal baby movement, just meant his central nervous system was developing. Of course I can't promise that it will be the same for everyone, but at about 34 weeks or so, these spasms disappeared, and an ultrasound last week showed that my baby seems to be completely healthy. He is very active and seems strong, and I can't wait to meet him in the next few days! Anyways, hope this post can help rea__sure someone else who is as worried as I was. Good luck!


Teddyfinch - August 19

shenandoah: it could actually be your abdominal muscles since they're stretched nice and tight. i had them before i could even feel the baby and now i get them but not as often.


mickala - January 16

I am 39 weeks and feeling the same thing!! i know its not hiccups the spasms or whatever they are are to quick and feel nothing like her hiccups! i thought it might be seizures!!! its scary but i want to stay positive but hearing that so many women are feeling the same thing makes me feel like its normal! thank you!!!



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