Weird Fetal Movements

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mickala - January 16

I am 39 weeks and feeling the same thing!! i know its not hiccups the spasms or whatever they are are to quick and feel nothing like her hiccups! i thought it might be seizures!!! its scary but i want to stay positive but hearing that so many women are feeling the same thing makes me feel like its normal! thank you!!!


angelmonkey - January 17

i get that and for me its the hiccups it feels like a tapping sensation for me! i didn't beleive it was hiccups at first but i know it is now


newbaby2009 - January 17

This post is 4 years old, but yea sounds like hiccups.


mary b - January 17

Sounds like the hiccups....both DD and DS had hiccups in the womb.


mar82 - April 9

I'm skeptical about it being hiccups, I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my second baby and also experience the "vibrating" movements that do feel like seizures. I did ask my doctor and she also said it could be hiccups but she said that if they continue and last longer than a minute then she would do an ultrasound just to make sure. But I felt better knowing that it happens to many women!


babyblue2 - April 12

Happened to me with my last DD. Doc said it was fine. Felt like her shaking or vibrating for a few seconds at a time. My OB said its just the baby moving in tight quarters. Funny thing was, she did it after she was born for the first week, and then never again. It wasnt a seizure, and looked more like a shiver afterwards. Don't worry!


Shea831 - April 15

I asked my doctor about that the other day when I was in, and my baby started doing it. He said they are just hiccups. The baby is practicing breathing and get fluid in their lungs, and they get the hiccups. Sometimes pretty bad.


tummy - December 30

I know exatly what you are talking about with the spasms i have felt the hiccups rythmic thumps i would describe them but iv also experienced the fast vibrating movements its almost like its kicking its feet at the speed of sound it lasts for a couple of seconds and then goes but i was so worried about this too and am so glad i found this page


erinseden - April 5

I realize this is an older post, but just had to comment. I too have been experiencing these 'seizure-like' movements and they are NOT hiccups. A pregnant woman can tell the difference b/w jerking spasms and the regular pattern of hiccups. It bothers me that so many people keep suggesting that they are hiccups. They are two completely different sensations.


andysforever0217 - April 21

I agree that they are NOT hiccups. My son has the hiccups twice a day and they are regular thumps, then every few days it feels like his whole body is just shaking and i KNOW those arent hiccups. Since you have been having them too do you know what the movements are??


tummy - April 22

Hi back again LO is 2 months 3 weeks now and i know what the movements were now. They were definately not hiccups they are just jerky movements that he does now that he is born and it is just his muscles having a little spasm getting used to moving,totally normal considering the amount of posts on this page so really no need to worry like me! its funny cos when they are born it suddenly dawns on you aaahh thats what they were but as with everything if it is something you feel is not right with your baby go to the doctors.


erinseden - April 24

A big thanks to Tummy for updating this thread. We now have the answer, and can sleep better knowing that it's perfectly normal for our little peanut to jerk and vibrate in the womb. Praises.


Nova - February 1

I also see that this thread is a few years old now but I was able to find some comfort in it and so I figure if someone else may lose a little less sleep by reading it then it's worth keeping up. I do have to agree with a few other moms that it is frustrating to hear so many of you saying "it's hiccups" especially after some moms on here have confirmed over and over that it is not hiccups that they are feeling. This is my fourth pregnancy and all my babies have had hiccups, very identifiable hiccups! This twitching feeling IS NOT HICCUPS. Hiccups are very rythmic and easy to detect. I have not yet had a chance to talk to my dr but there are a few other suggestions floating around on here that seem very fitting... ie muscle spasms, baby's developing nervous system or even uterine spasms. I will also repost once I've spoken to my dr.


Sblmgrl - July 20

Im 30 weeks along with my 2nd baby. my 1st son got the hiccups all the time they are not that hard to recognize, they feel like a thump in your insides that lasts forever. haha kind of innoying but cute, but my baby now is having a movement that feels like hes being shaken really fast or a seizer...wondering what its from. never felt this with my first and it scares me that something is wrong with him.



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