Weird Pain Down There Help

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erin25 - September 22

Several times today I have had this pressing down sharp pain around the urethra area. (basically the pee area) Does anyone know what this is? Is this bad?


phillygir1 - September 23

could be a UTI. not sure though. i am having pains too but inside where my cervix is. drinks lots of your doctor. i never had it but i hope it goes away for you.


erin25 - September 23

I hope it's not a UTI. It doesn't seem like one, it's just a painful pressure pain. Could it be the baby moving further down? This is my first so it's all very new to me!


rebolson - September 24

How far along are you, erin? I've been having the same issue. I'm 30 weeks and haven't been able to find any info on the net about this problem. Like phillygirl said, I'm sort of concerned it's a UTI, but I have no other symptoms....have you called your doctor?


erin25 - September 24

I am 34 weeks 5 days. It does it every so often. it feels like sharp pressure.....maybe from the baby pushing down...I'm not sure. I go to see my doctor on Wednesday and I am going to ask then. It's not real painful just kinda uncomfortable.


rebolson - September 25

Please update when you've had a chance to talk to your doctor about's going on a few days for me now and starting to get a bit worrisome because of the concern of possible preterm labor due to a UTI. Oh, one more you have any other UTI symptoms? Along with the weird urethra pain, I've been peeing (sorry, tmi) very little even though I drink loads of water and always seem to feel like I need to go. I hope your doc says it's nothing to worry about! Let us know!


erin25 - September 25

I will update as soon as I get back from the doctor. Other than the pain I do not have any other symptoms. I did have a UTI several months ago and my symptoms were.......pain when I went to the bathroom, the pain was around the urethra area and my right side hurt really really bad. Either way, I think you should call your doctor just to be safe so that they can take a sample and check it. It's better to be safe than anything!! Oh, and even though I still have this pain I still go to the bathroom a lot and a lot comes out. If I were you drink lots of water, cranberry juice and def call your doctor so if you do have an infection you can get it cleared up as soon as possible!!!! Hope you feel better! I will update tomorrow!


alirenee86 - September 25

I'm just about 34 weeks and get this pain every so often. I'm a first timer, but think it's just the way the baby is laying or pressing on your bladder? When mine comes, I feel it most when I walk.



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