Weird Pregnancy Discharge

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DDT - January 26

I am 36w5d and today during my lunch break I went to Subway. I was standing in the line and felt a little gush of water come out...I thought "oh cripes! not now and not here...I'm wearing a skirt! Well, I felt a trickle down my leg and made a dash for the door. I went to the washroom and my entire undies were wet..totally wet...I wiped and more came gushing out. I smelt it and it didn't have a smell at all. It was a light yellow colour. Then it stopped. For the rest of the day I didn't have anymore. Now its around 6pm and I had another little gush. I've had no unsual pain and my contractions aren't regular so I'm assuming they are just BH contractions. Could this have just been some crazy pregnancy discharge or my waters breaking? I'm assuming its not my waters because it would be continually flowing out wouldn't it?


mamagoose - January 27

I'd DEFINATELY get that checked out, that sounds so much like waters breaking! I've had it described to me as a big gush followed by a gradual trickle, which is less/more depending on if you're sitting, standing, lying down, etc. I hope it's just discharge, but if it's not, your doctor needs to know. Good luck...


tritty - January 27

i hope you called your doctor because it sounds to me like your water breaking. it doesn't neccessarily keep flowing because sometimes there is just a little leak and when the waters break the baby moves down and can sometimes stop more water from leaking (at the hospital they may have to re-break your water to get the rest out). if it doesn't smell like urine then it's probably your water...... please be safe and call your doctor!


DDT - January 27

Thanks for the input ladies. Well I went to bed last night with a pad on to see if I would leak anymore and nothing. I know I have 24hrs after waters break to go to the hospital (as my doc told me at my last visit) so I just wanted to test and see if anymore leaked. I don't want to look like a fool if its urine or something. I am going to the hospital this afternoon for my registration so I will mention what happened to the L&D nurses and see what they say. Baby's movements have been normal and B/H have slowed down. Baby has dropped quite a bit over the last few days so it might have also been a discharge build-up (a really watery one!!)



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