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babyonboard16 - March 2

okay I'm very overweight I'm measuring 34 weeks and I'm only 31 weeks, and I am not sure of the date of conception, is it possible that I am that much farther along or is it more likely my weight? I have an ultrasound on the 13th, I just wanted some opinions.


Kar - March 2

Remember that when doc measures it doesn't exactly have to be the exact number of weeks you are, off a couple is ok, every pregnant women grows different. So yes it could just be weight gain. What did your doc say? If they are not bother by it then they probably think its just weight gain as well


Cevvin - March 2

dont worry about it to much until your ultrasound. And remember your baby will most likely come when they want to, whether its "on time" or not.


danimarie - March 2

I'm not overweight at all and at my 31 week appt last week I was measuring 34weeks too. Sometimes it is just the way your body is made or how the baby is sitting. I wouldn't worry at all. My doctor is having me do an ultrasound on the 8th for growth. Now all that being said- my baby was measuring right on track at 9 weeks and at 19 weeks by ultrasound....but at the 28 week ultrasound she was measuring 2-3 weeks bigger. Soo....either it is just her positioning and they aren't getting good measurements (probably not). Or she is just a bigger baby. You may have a bigger baby too. It happens. I'd say that like me it is just a combination of circ_mstances and that you probably aren't any farther along than you thought. Maybe our babies will get here sooner though....that would be nice huh? Good luck!


babyonboard16 - March 2

Yea that would be nice I'm getting tired of being pregnant already haha. We have a bed and all for her so it works as well. I dunno her dad was a big baby and I wasn't tiny so she may be on the larger size.



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