Weird Sensation In Left Arm

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Angiconda - June 8

I am currently 28 weeks and for the last few weeks I have had a weird feeling like weakness in my left arm like when you wake up in the morning and cant make a fist and this feeling has not gone away. I have asked my doctor about it and she dosent seem to know what it can be. Has anyone else experienced this?


Angiconda - June 8

Also I am not experiencing any chest pain or shortness of breath


Brenda M - June 8

Hey strange to read your post, because just this morning, my arm went numb and tingly on the way to work. I'm (36) weeks, and it feels like the circulation is cut off or something. It's not constant, but kicked in a few times today like that. I'm sure it's just one of those strange side-effects, but you're not alone! Brenda


Nora1 - June 9

Yes! My hands are both completely numb and have been for about 2 weeks now. I'm in my 38th week now. Are you swelling? They say this is caused by swelling. During the night my hands hurt and during the day they are numb. I can't bend my fingers during the night. My dr gave me some wrist splints to sleep in, but unfortunately they don't do much for me. My dr said the only other thing that will cure it is to have the baby! It's really a pregnancy induced carpal tunnel! Not fun at all - I hope yours doesn't continue...


Jacque - June 9

This happened to me at 25 weeks and I went to my OB who then recommended that I see a General Surgeon. My left arm was slowing going completely numb. After feeling around we found a small lump under my left arm (in the armpit area) that was causing the numbness. Turns out, it was b___st tissue that was reacting to the pregnancy, increasing in size and pressing on the nerves. Just about every male and female has b___st tissure that runs uner there arms and down the front of the chest. It will swell the same as your b___sts do during pregnancy. Mine was so bad it had to be removed during my second trimester b/c it was just going to get bigger. It probably wouldn't hurt for you ladies to feel around for lumps or anything else unusual.


Mingill - June 9

Another option to look into is possible carpal tunnel syndrome. I was diagnosed in both wrists pre-pregnancy but my symptoms were weakness in my hands (I would have a hard time picking up or carrying items), pins and needles feeling that ran from my hands up my arm and sometimes it was a sharp pain. Pregnancy can cause swelling which puts pressure on the carpal tunnel, which in turn pinches the nerves in your wrist. My doc. warned me it would get worse with pregnancy. I sleep with wrist braces (they help hold your wrist in a position that won't put pressure on the nerves) and during the day, when it gets bad it helps to elevate my hands (hold them at shoulder level like a doctor headed into an operation).



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