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amanda17 - June 4

Woo birth story!! On June 2nd at about 4am I got up to go to the bathroom as usual, I started leaking but assumed it was just urine, and made myself a snack. After eating I realized I had soaked through my pants. I hurried to the bathroom and checked the fluid... It didn't have an odor at all. So, I got very excited and woke up my grandma to tell her my water had broke. I called my doctor and they told me to head to the emergency room. I changed and realized I don't even own any pads, so I had to use a baby diaper (oh I felt REALLY attractive). On the way to the hospital I started getting some mild contractions and they steadily got more intense and closer together. I checked into the hospital at around 5am, and they had confirmed that my water had been punctured. I waited around until about 9am when my doctor came in and broke the rest of my water and gave me medicine through my IV to try to speed up my contractions. At about noon I got an epidural, at 1pm I had thought my epidural wasn't working, since I was still feeling a lot of pressure. He asked me if I felt like I needed to poop and I said no... So he allowed me to have a bit higher dose of the epidural. About ten minutes later I told the nurse I thought I could feel a head. She looked at me like I was crazy, but checked me anyways. She said that she could feel the head and I should get ready to push. So, 30 minutes later, at 2:08PM Elizabeth was born. She was 6lbs, 4oz and 18.5in long. She was born with a full head of black hair and looks just like her daddy. She is beautiful and perfectly healthy. We had some problems br___t feeding but once I got the nipple shield everything was great. My stomach feels really weird and my st_tches are healing nicely. And for those of you who are scared of pooping like I was... I didn't poop! My doctor wears glasses and I could see everything through the reflection (even though I had attempted not to look, after I was cut everything was veryyy bloody) I stayed at the hospital for a grand total of two days, we are home now and settled in. I'm finally a mommy :D


kay101 - June 4

Congratulations mama! She sounds beautiful and I can't wait to see her! I can see you sniffing your toilet paper to see if it was pee and putting on a diaper lol so funny when I read that :P I'm happy everything went well for you and hope to hear back whenever you get settled!


fefer1 - June 4

LMAO A diaper! That is way too funny. :) Smart thinking though! Congratulations and keep us posted on how things are going and get us come pictures!!!


HeatherIsHopeful - June 4

oh my gosh Amanda, Im so happy for you! I cant wait to see pictures of little Elizabeth! sounds like you hada real easy labor and delivery! good for you!! I hope mine goes as smoothly. congrats hon!


angelmonkey - June 5

hey amanda lyrah told me you had eli!! im soooo exited for you!! well done!! and congratulations


Teddyfinch - June 5

lol that is such an awesome story. i can just see you looking at the diaper thinking "i have to tell the forum girls this. they'll get a kick out of it".



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