Well I Had Him And Yes He S A Big One Here S My Story

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crystal74 - March 14

well i went in on the 7th at 6am to be induced with pitocin, throughout the day my cervix only dialated to 2cm and had mild contractions all day, felt like heavy period cramping. the first dr. said since i was really only 39 weeks 5 days from the insemination and nothing was happening that i could go home and come back in a few days to try it. i told her no because i'm measuring so big. she said "who said that", and i was like, "h__lo the ultrasound said that a month ago. " so she schedule an ultrasound to see just how big he really is. the another dr. came in and talked to me about if he is big and since i'm only 5"1 the chances of a c-section is 50-60%. i told her that i really wanted to deliver him va___ally, so let's just see what the ultrasound says and go from there if my chances go up more than that %. the ultrasound was done by 8 or 9 pm and the results came out that lincoln was 10 pounds give or take a pound or two. another dr. came in and said that although ultrasounds arent' 100% accurate, they do give a pretty good measurement of what it could be. so he said if he is that big, the risk for delivering va___ally are very high for both the baby and me. he said he would leave it up to me but would hate for me to go into labor and then end up having a emergency c-section. right then my room was full of the in-laws and my mom and the dr. and a nurse and of course my husband. i started balling and made everybody get out so i could talk to my husband. we cried together and decided that a c-section is the safest way. so i went in at about 2:30 am, (it was the scariest thing i've ever experienced), between the spinal and my nerves, i couldn't stop shaking, they had to tie my hands down to prevent me from frailing around while they did the c-section. i couldn't see because the curtain which was good, and my husband held my hand the whole time. lincoln michael was born at 3:02 am weighing 11 pounds 22 inches long and beautiful. the doctors could not believe how big he was and they all said we made a very good choice with the c-section. i was in the hospital till the 12th and got no sleep between visitors and the baby crying. i still don't get sleep but it's all worth it. i love my little man. and ouch my nipples hurt, i just learned that he wasn't latching on right and my nipples were so sore and blistered and bloody but there healing nicely and i saw a lactating consultant that really helped. so there's my long story, thought i should share my experience since this has been such a long journey with all of you. so now what happens? do i move on to another forum?


excited2bemama - March 14

Congrats and thanks for sharing your birth story. I can't believe your baby was soooo big!!!


Tracy88 - March 14

Wow, holy smokes he is big! Good thing you had that C-section! Congrats!!!


candaceann1 - March 14

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11lbs WOW! I knew you were gonna need a c-section. That was the best thing for you and your baby.


andy - March 14

wow!!! Congrats ... I´m so happy for you and little lincoln , well , not that little , I´m just hopping that my little girl weights about 7 pounds so that VB could happen , but who knows , If c section is needed for some reason , it will be the way to go ... I´m so afraid that if I pa__s my due date and have to be induced pitocin wouldn´t work quickly ,,, well LOTS OF HUGS ...


Steph - March 14

WOW!! Congrats on your baby....and good choice on the section!! :o) You can move onto the infant care forum and we'll try and help you with any questions you've got! Congrats again!


sahmof3 - March 14

Wow! He was HUGE! My youngest was "only" 10 lbs. 6 oz. and 22 3/4" LOL... (and, yep, he was also a c-section!). Hope to see you on the Infant Care forum!


d - March 15

WOW.. 11lbs.. could you have imagined not having a c-section. Congrats to you. Welcome Lincoln. i have less than 4 weeks.


Kristin11 - March 15

Congrats crystal!! He is a big one!! I have a question, were you measuring ahead as far as the tape measure sizinf they do? or were you right with your due date? Thanks


Carly67 - March 15

Congratulations Crystal. I hope you did not buy too many newborn sizes because that big guy will be very tight in them. Good luck.


bridgettebaby2 - March 15

comgrats!!!!!! but thats a big boy!! best of luck with your new little man or big man. there really is'nt nothing like them!!


Maggie - March 16

Congrats! Wow you gave birth to a 3 month old! Come on over to Infant Care if you have any questions. Oh and I love the name Lincoln, it sounds so regal!


nanders - March 16

Congrats!!!!! I'm soo happy about your little boy! Wow he sure was big, and even though it was scary at the time, your courage and strenth thru it all was great!! be proud of yourself and that little man!! Congrats again!


crystal74 - March 16

KRISTIN 11- i started measuring larger than i should have at about 35 weeks. but from the insemination date i was correct on the date when he was conceived. he's just a big boy. but yes, the ultrasounds and measurements were accurate. i measured about 3 weeks larger than i should have


crystal74 - March 16

thanks for the congrats. i got lucky and only bought maybe a few outfits that i had to have, other than that everyone else bought all his outifts. and most of them are 0-3 months that fit pretty good, a little big. but there are a couple newborn outfits that don't fit and newborn onesies that i know won't fit. oh yeah and i bought a package of newborn diapers when i was pregnant and he pee's right through them.



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