Wet ALL The Time

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britt - August 14

just wondering if i'm strange or if this is normal. i'm wet "down there" all the time. and it's bad sometimes it'll be like a leaky faucet and just be dripping out of me. or kind of like i lost control of my bladder and didn't even feel like i had too pee. becoming really annoyed and kinda worried. to explain what it looks like the best i can come up with is pour salt into a cup of water, looks all mearky like that. anyone have the similar issue? thanks in advance.


S. - August 14

they say some women have their bladder leak continuously. I feel a little wet all the time too. I am trying to ignore it, I wear a maxithin... I know some of it has to be urine- the babys head is right on my bladder at all times.. and I dont feel like i am actually peeing but my undies are definitely damp. plus I sweat A LOT now in the 95 degree weather while being in my 33rd week, so some may be sweat. And also, they say you have a lot of discharge. Is it REALLY wet, or just a little damp? if its not really really wet, doesnt smell or is bloody, I wouldnt worry too much.


S. (corrected post !) - August 14

I reread your post. If theres enough to collect in a cup and its literally dribbling out, maybe your water broke? water breakage can trickle out for a few days.... you should talk to your doc. how far along are u? whens your next appt? i would call if its that much leakage. sorry I misunderstood the first time.


britt - August 14

sometimes it is really wet. but never bloody or really smells. gues i should have added in my first post i'm 34.5 weeks along. only 5.5 to go thankfully. i'm so excited to meet my little girl. :)


britt - August 14

my next app is tomorrow. just curious you said maybe my water broke. well doesn't the mucus plug come out first? sorry i'm a first time preggo all this is new so correct me if i'm wrong please. i'd like to know. cause don't i need to go to the hospital if my water brakes also so i can deliver before i get any infections?


S. - August 14

Im almost 34 weeks and I cant wait either! I feel so guilty saying I want him to come at 37 weeks, lol! (he will be full term and I can finally "get 'er done", lol!) . I cant walk, breathe, sleep, stand, sit, or move, so I am readyreadyready! (the leakage doesnt help either lol!) But, you may want to check with the dr about your water being intact if its that wet, otherwise it could be the other things i mentioned in the first post. :) good luck!


S. - August 14

yes, your mucus plug should come first, however- you dont always know when the plug comes out, some people dont notice it if it comes in pieces and is clear. if the water has broken, i would go to the obgyn or hospital to get checked if it were me. how long has the wetness been going on for, and when did u get checked last for dialation? if your appt is tomorrow, thats good at least.... any contractions?


britt - August 14

thanks so much S. you've been really helpful. good luck to you also and your little boy..


britt - August 14

well i have been kinda wet my whole pregnancy but just a__sumed that was discharge but this last probably 2 weeks is when i noticed it had gotten worse. i haven't had any contractions at all not even braxton hicks ones from what i noticed. oh and i have never been checked for dilation. i've actuallt only been checked once my entire pregnancy and that was my first visit. i've had a smooth pregnancy.


b20 - August 14

TO Britt.....i think what u r going thru is called "urinary incontinence " it's normal during pregnancy,,and usually few women get it during pregnancy..it's urine leakage it might happen when u cough or lift some thing heavy... it can happen due to the position of the baby too, coz around 34 the baby's head usually presses on the bladder and u can leak urine suddenly it's like a trickle of water not too much though..i heard kegel excersice helps...i don't think ur water have broken..just be careful and watch out for any sighns of labor....best of luck


britt - August 14

thank you b20 i appreciate the advice


Jill - August 14

I have had the same problem. It worried me that maybe I was leaking fluid. My dr. does not seem worried about it when I told her. It has been going on for over 4 weeks now. I am 37 weeks now and it only seems to get worse. I agree, it is annoying.


Jbear - August 16

Your doctor can test your discharge to see if it's amniotic fluid or urine. If it's urine, or even an increased v____al discharge (also normal) you can use a pad or pantiliner to stay dry. I read in another post that Poise pads (for urinary incontinence) come in a very thin variation, and have some ingredient that controls odor.


Heidi - August 16

I have this problem since week 28. My doctor checked the fluid and it's just urine. I use very thin poise pads and they help control the odor 100%. Otherwise I've used those little cheap pantiliners but have to change them more than once a day and they just stink and don't absorb the moisture. Those poise ones work great and I can't tell I'm wearing one.


tbarb - August 16

I am 35yrs old and preg with my 4th. I was 18yrs old with my first pregnancy and I experienced the wetness alot towards the end of my preg. I went 1 week overdue and when I did go into labor I only had about 2 tablespoons of water trickle out they told me, they Dr. broke my water. I had a slow leak. Can't say that I ever knew I lost the mucous plug with any of my pregnancies. All have been smooth, healthy, full term pregnancies though with a smooth delivery. Dry births can be dangerous though.


Nick - August 17

I have been wearing a pantyliner for months now, just in case I sneezed or coughed. The last couple of weeks I have been changing these liners all day long. I am not sure if my bladder is just stressed from the baby or if I have a slow leak. I am going to ask my doctor on Thursday at my 39 week check-up. Oh and I don't think I have lost my plug yet, but I have been dialated for weeks.


Shannon - August 17

As a nurse I need to tell you that if you are leaking more than normal you need to contact your doctor right away. If your water breaks you have to deliver your baby within 24 hours or you can cause a major infection. If your water breaks and labor does not begin the hospital will induce you because it is so dangerous.



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