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Linds - April 28

My husband and I are thinking about naming our daughter Hayley Parker. I really want to call her Parker and he wants to call her Hayley. I just love names that either a boy or a girl could have. My younger sisters name is Michal Lauren (pronounced like the male Michael) and my middle name is Ryan. So I kinda thought i would be cute and original to use the name Parker, what do you think?


PP - April 28

I like the name Parker but I would go with Haley Parker.


Kymmi - April 28

Personally, I think Parker is too much of a boys name. I agree with you that using boys names for girls can be kinda cute and all, I just think Parker is a little too much for a girl. But, it's your baby and your decision,,,, you do what YOU think best!!


Melissa - April 28

Parker sounds like a boy, Ryan also a boy, Michal a boy, Hayley, well that's Emenem's Daughters name.


Fabienne - April 29

I like Parker but not for a girl... Hayley is nice. Congratulations anyway and wish you the best for the birth.


Jenn... - April 29

If you like it go for it!! But you did ask for opinions so here is mine - I think Parker is a bit too masculine. There are a lot of other gender neutral names that might be a little less boyish. If you decide to use it I think Hayley Parker would be best.


CEM - April 30

go for it!!! it's got a nice ring to it. Hayley Parker, i mean, not the other way around. yeah, it's boyish, and it stands out, but that's not such a bad thing.....


Jill - May 1

Not trying to be rude but everyone is naming their kid Haley right now so when she goes to school it might be a little confusing I think parker is cute, My daughters name is Juliet Skyler her dad wanted to name her Skyler but I wouldn't let him because the name is so popular right now thats why its her middle name, Actually her name is Juliet Skyler Catherine Dunn I gave her two middle names because we couldnt agree on just one I figured hey why not. Did you know Kiefer Sutherland has like 13 middle names?


Shannon Blair - May 2

I love it, but I could be biased. I have unis_x names too.Very cute and totally unis_x, none will ever be able to prejudge based on the name!


Maddie - May 2

Parker is so cute! I love it for a girl. Who says it's a boys name anyway? Go for it. I TOTALLY agree Hayley is WAY common right now! My friend is naming her daughter Hayley...BEWARE, it might be the next ASHLEY of this era!!


Kaz - May 2

Hayley Parker sounds okay, but I keep thinking of Peter Parker, Spiderman. Here's a couple of boy/girl names I can think of...Shayne, Lindsay, Peta, well there's a few. Best of luck. I still haven't any names picked out, I lose my patience with my partner because he comes out with such awful names, if he says Grommet or Sprocket one more time I'm gonna SLAP him. Aren't men just so impossible sometimes


tara - May 2

Eventhough most people here think Parker sounds boyish I have known 3 girls named Parker (1 as fisrt name, 2 as middle names. Not being from this part of the world the first time I heard it was as a girl's name so to me it doesn't sound that boyish at all. I think you should go for it especially since having a boyish name is somthing that runs in your family; it's cute.


Not sure - May 3

I think Parker is boyish...I like the Ryan middle name much better. Agree that Hayley is a popular name these days! As long as your aware of that!! Congrats though:)


patty - May 4

Youll know when youve chosen the right name. It doesnt matter what other people think, as long as you like it. I dont want to name my baby what every other baby is named. I like parker, even for a girl because it is not like everyone else. One thing I always think about is, whats everyone going to call her for short? Park?


caz - May 6

OK personally i dislike the hole unis_x names thing but parker is cute


Ryan - May 6

I am a female and my name is Ryan..and everyone loves that it is different for a girl....I think Parker has a very feminine ring to it!! And of course everyone is going to dislike the different names bc they are different...and they are going to dislike the common ones bc they are common.....If she gets here and it fits her then Hayley Parker should definately be her name (just make sure you have a 2nd option just in case)



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