What All Should Go In A Diaper Bag

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ARD - May 11

Ok ladies, I'm trying to get really prepared here and was wondering what are all of the items that should go in a diaper bag. Let me know so I can get my list going and my bag ready! :o)


krista-lee - May 11

do you mean a bag to have packed when you go to the hospital, or one for when you're going out with the baby? im guessing you means when you're going somewhere with the (newborn) baby? i would say to make sure you have diapers (5 or so), pack of wipes, changing pad, powder, vaseline/rash creme, lotion, pascifires, bottle with milk (b___st or forumula), if the babys 3 months or so a teether, small blanket, sock & mitts and a change of clothes just incase baby has an 'accident' or spits up : ]


Been There - May 11

Don't forget bibs, tissues, and cloth diapers or burpers. Krista-lee pretty much provided a comprehensive list.


Nerdy Girl - May 11

You really don't need a diaper bag for the hospital. The hospital will give you everything the baby and you need during your stay. If you are talking about a bag for later I would also add a burp cloth and some folded up grocery bags ro krista-lee's list. I keep a couple of plastic grocery bags in my diaper bag for those handful of occa__sions where I have to change the baby's diaper in the car and need somewhere to put the dirty diaper.


Chrissy - May 11

I read someplace that you should never use baby powder because the talc can get in their lungs and make it hard for them to breathe. Not sure how much truth there is to this, just wanted to pa__s along what I read for the safety of all of our babies!! :)


Jamie - May 12

What I carry in a diaper bag for my 9 month old: one to two clean diapers with wipes, wetbag for dirty diapers (I use cloth), one to two toys, spare pacifier, and usually a granola bar or some other "snack" for my daughter. When you're carrying around a squirmy baby, you don't want to be lugging the whole nursery with you at the same time. You'll figure out what works for you.


Tillie - May 12

Chrissy, I heard this about powder, too, and in fact my mother said to me the other day, You're not planning on using BABY POWDER are you? (Like I was the worst mother on the planet already!) Does anyone know anything about this? She claims it's cancer-causing.


Nora1 - May 12

I had never heard about baby powders being harmful, but here's what I was able to find... What About Baby Powders? Many health professionals advise against using baby powders. Baby powder can pose a risk if inhaled by an infant. Talc is a key ingredient in baby powders and it can be harmful if inhaled. If baby powders are used, it is generally advised that cornstarch powders are used. However, you should make sure the cornstarch is not used in excess and that it does not acc_mulate in the folds of a baby’s skin as this may cause irritation. Only a small amount of powder should be applied. The common household hazard posed by talc is inhalation of baby powder by infants. One product that many new parents are surprised to learn the dangers of is talc. Yes, talc_m powder may not be the best thing for your baby after all. A chemical in the talc is very similar to asbestos and can increase your chances of ovarian cancer. However, not all health professionals can agree as to whether or not talc is safe to use. While more research still needs to be done on talc, don't risk your baby's health. Try using cornstarch instead, which is a safer alternative.


Emily - May 12

the hospital told us the put the powder on our hands and then pat it on the baby's bottom. THat way you are sure not to go overboard with it. also if you aplly right to baby, jsut dont create a big cloud of powder. Then it isn't harmful.. From experence, pack two bags,,,,one for out of town and a smaller one for shorter trips liek to church or what not. use the travel sizes of your powder rash oniment and such. Takes up less space and leaves more room for teh extra clothes. Also if your baby spits up a lot, may think about an extra shirt for you....


Tillie - May 12

Thanks Nora! That is so helpful. Talc being similar to asbestos shocks me!! I will never go near the stuff again.


Nerdy Girl - May 12

I never used powder for either of my two kids. It's not because of the bad news regarding talc, it's just that I never really had a need to powder them??? I got some baby powder for my shower that is talc-free. It's got a corn starch base.


amandababy - May 12

My baby is three weeks old and I carry about 5 diapers, wipes, changing pad, extra outfit in case he gets sick or pees through his diaper ( I have this problem so I need to change diapers), mitts, diaper cream, baby powder (both I haven't used), a binky, diaper cloth for burping and feeding, a bottle, formula, and bottle of water, and an extra blanket (which I can get rid of for summer!) When the baby had his umblical cord on I carried alcohol and cotton b___s. The older your baby gets, the less you need. Hope this helps!


ARD - May 12

You've all been lots of help!! Thanks!!



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