What Are Moms On Maternity Leave Doing To Keep Busy

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Jodie - October 27

Hello! I officailly started my maternity leave yesterday! wooo hooo! I am not due for about 3 1/2 weeks but work became to hectic for me...so I bailed out early.....hehehe. What is everyone doing to keep busy? I have a feeling I might get a little bored while waiting!! Thanks for the input


kav - October 28

Hi, I also started my mat leave early I am 36 weeks and as I am a teacher (in the UK) I stopped work at the half term hols. In the daytime whilst hubby is at work, I have been making lists of baby names, lists of people to call for afterwards, cleaning, shopping and going for walks. At weekends, we make a point about going out somewhere difficult to go with a baby, like a nice restaurant, Hampton Court, visiting friends (especially childless ones!) and into central london, shopping on the tube. Don't get me wrong, we are very much looking forward to having our baby, but we are making sure we have no reason to say 'We should have gone there before we had the baby!' All in all , I can't wait and I am sooooooooo excited - just like you are too I bet!


Jodie - October 28

Kav, thanks! Thats a good idea to make a list of people to call...thats one thing that slipped my mind completely....among with most things these days.......hehehe! I have done so much cleaning around here I feel like there will be nothing left to do...which is a good thing I suppose. I wish I could go shopping in London..that must be tons of fun! I live in seattle, washington so there's not to much cool shopping around here. When are you due?


kav - October 28

Hi Jodie, Seattle always looks good on the tv - ( I only know it through Frasier and Sleepless in...!) I am due Nov 26th. Funny though it actually feels like a long way off - you are right about getting bored though. I'll probably run out of things to do in a few days! How about you - when are you due?


r - October 28

Hi Kav and Jodie. I'm due in about a week, but have been off work for almost 2 months now. (My job required me to be on my feet all day and lift very heavy things for most of it). I have to say, I'm starting to go stir-crazy sitting around all day. One thing I did do though, was fill my freezer with food for after the baby is born. Everytime I made a freezable dinner, I made sure I made tons. Like now I have quiche, pot-pie, soups,chili etc., in my freezer. I'm hoping that that will come in very useful in the days to come when I'm too busy/tired to cook! Also, my house is very very clean now. I've not much else to do!! :) Kav, I like the idea of doing things that aren't easy to do with a baby. I think I'll try that that this weekend. My DH keeps reminding me that soon enough I'll be crazy busy, so I'm trying to enjoy the time off! Good luck to you guys!


Jodie - October 28

Hi Kay! I am due Nov.22nd which seems like forever too! That's what was nice about working is that time went by so fast. Oh well...it's been soo relaxing not working...I kinda feel spoiled. I took a two hour nap today to and that was really fun! Seattle is okay...but london seems much more exciting. I bet the shopping is great there too!!! Especially with the holidays coming up I bet it is really pretty over there. Thats one thing I am so excited for this year is holiday shopping...maybe because I know the baby will be here soon...who knows. I figured I'll spend sometime visiting family around here too...before the baby comes. We'll see how long i last before I go stir crazy!!!!!!!!!


kav - October 30

Hi Jodie and r. Good idea about cooking and freezing meals, I especially like the having a nap idea. Today I went to wimbledon village to meet an old friend for lunch and then we had a walk around the common. I am exhausted now though and as sleeping at night is getting tough, I think I will do just that and get some kip! Good luck for a weeks time r. Jodie, if you think of anything else, let me know. I have a feeling mine will be late - my family have always gone overdue! I didn't want to find out whether it is a boy or girl at the scan, but now I am soooooooo curious. Do you know what you're having? Happy waiting:)


Jodie - October 30

Hello... I am having a boy. A busy boy...he doesn't stop moving. It's to the point now when he moves it almost hurts because theres no room left. Hopefully he pops out soon!


Rachel.R - October 30

Jodie...I know how you feel.. although.. I wasnt working when i found out I was pregnant. Im 29 weeks now, and its been really hard for me to deal with the boredom, and also deal with the fact, that I dont have anything to do. Iv tried looking for work. but honestly, noone wants to give a pregnant woman a job. so i gave up at about 10 weeks. Yeh, I have spent most of my days trying to get through to the people at centrelink (like social security) cause they pay me each fortnight(i have no probs with getting money from the government, I worked previously, iv paid my taxes and so have my parents, my dad pays almost half of what he earns in tax.) Yeh. centrelink wanted me to get a job. they told me at 20 weeks, i had to look for work, go to interviews all over sydney. Im still fighting with them. But yeh. i spend alot of my time at home researching things on the net, cooking.. just the usual. I hope you find something fun to do.. and good luck with everything.



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