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Sarah - January 19

Anyone know of someone getting their membranes swept and going into labor right away? Seems to me everyone who has had it done, had no results from it. I had mine done today (due date Jan 20). Hoping I will be in labor this weekend but don't want to get my hopes up.


Rachel.R - January 19

Hey Sarah.. im overdue and my mum told me that it works... Im seeing the same obstetrition as my mum saw 16 years ago with my sister. Mum told me she had her membranes swept on her due date with my sister.. and later that night she went into labour, my sister was born 10am the next morning, less than 24 hours after having the sweep. She was at a parent teacher night for me, it was when i was in kindergaten. So yeh.. But i dont know if you have to be actually a little dialated to have it done.. cause my doc didnt do it to me on wednesday when i was 2 days overdue then, maybe cause im not dialated at all. So goodluck, i hope it works for you.


Heather - January 19

I had mine done on Tuesday - I was already 3 cm at a 0 station - He also tried to stretch my cervix as much as he could. Nothing has happened - not a single contraction. I had the lovely mucus /bloody discharge yesterday all day, but other than that - nothing. I go to the dr tomorrow again & am getting induced on monday. I hope things work better for you! You do have to be dilated a little, b/c they have to insert their finrger through your cervix then they sweep their finger between your bag of water & uterus - separating the 2.


mel - January 19

from what I'm learning on this website. NOTHING is a sure thing. unless they hook that pitocin up to you....the baby comes when it's ready to come. :-(


Sarah - January 19

Thanks for your comments...its been about 7 hours. A while ago I heard and felt what seemed like a huge "thump" "crash" "snap"....I don't quite know how to describe it but it REALLY hurt for a second. It did feel like a bubble bursting and I thought maybe it was my water breaking but nothing came out...that was about a half hour ago or more. Anyone experience that?


28 wks - January 20

with my 1st 2 pregnancies after having my membranes swept I went into labor within 2 days. GOOD LUCK!!



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