What Are The Risks Of A Big Baby

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Aisha E - November 4

I had my 6th ultra sound on yesterday at 28 weeks. My doctor is very confused because up until yesterday my baby girl was measuring normally. She is now measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule and she weighs 3.3 pounds. I have another ultra sound schedule for 12/1. My glucose test came back negative at 25 weeks. What is causing this extreme growth spurt and what are the side effects of a big baby?


Ca__sie - November 4

I certainly am not a doctor, but as long as your sugar test came back negative, it shouldn't be because of gestational diabetes. There are no "side effects" of having a big baby during pregnancy as far as I know (except maybe a slightly heavier belly), but pushing her out might be harder. The bigger the baby, the more likely you might tear or have an episiotomy. If you have questions, your doctor is the best one to get accurate answers from. Good luck.


Lesley - November 4

I found that my daughter was easier to push than my son and she was heavier. If your baby gets too big they tend to induce you early (around 37 weeks)


Lynn - November 4

My baby weighed 3.3 at my 28 weeks ultrasound too. I do have GD but my sugar levels are well controlled with diet & exercise. I just had another u/s at 36 weeks & she was 7 lbs even. The weight guesses can be off by 2 weeks my u/s tech said, but they are usually somewhat accurate. My doctor has said nothing about inducing me early other than we will start contraction stress tests at 38 weeks and they won't let me go but a day or two past my due date.


Christy - November 4

I am carrying a big boy and do not have gestational diabetes. I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow and he measured 7 lb 11 oz on the US yesterday and 8 lb 1 oz on another one today (don't ask why I needed two US in two days- long story. The difference is due to having two diferent US techs doing the measurements and they thought the two numbers were actually pretty close ocnsidering that a lot of US's can be off by up to two pounds.) Anyway, I have been doing a little research and all I have heard about big babies being big is that it could be because mom is tall (I am 5'9") or either mom or dad or both were big babies at birth or mom could be eating a little too well during her pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is obviously another reason for baby measuring big. I don't know if any of those other reasons are true or just guesses based on what doctors see in their practices. I also read a good article that stated that a big baby is not a good reason for an induction and that OB's are a little too overzealous to induce for that reason. I guess there is a higher risk of c-section and other complications with an induction and there is no added medical benefit to mom or baby. I am going to discuss with my doctor next time I go to the office. I would prefer not to do an induction if it is not medically necessary, so we'll see what the doc says.


mom of 4 - November 4

ok..so average at this time is 36oz..and your baby is 51 oz...so that means that your baby is about 42 percent bigger than an average size baby..yes..that is alot...if your sugar is normal..could you just be off on the due date? as for the risks...i think the biggest risk you have is having a c section .. does everything look normal on the ultrasound and have all of your tests come back normal? if so i would not worry about it although i would definitely consider an early induction with this one..don't hold her until 40 weeks...ouch...plus the ultrasounds measure plus or minus 2 weeks...and two weeks ahead of 28 would be 48 oz...



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