What Are You Drinking

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Anna - December 8

Latelt i've been drinking a lot of gatorade and those vitamin c packets that you mix in your bottled waters. Does anyone know if that is bad for your baby?


Emy - December 8

I have read in various pregnancy books/online that taking vitamin C supplements is not good while pregnant. (You should not have more vitamin C than what is in your prenatal and regular diet.) I would a__sume the same goes for drinks too, so you might want to cut back. I drink a lot of water...flushes out the system better than any other drink. And since Splenda is okay to have I treat myself to flavored water once in while. I don't know about gatorade.


Ashley - December 8

I asked my midwife about gatorade and it's not the best but it's definatly not the worst thing in the world to be drinking during pregnancy. I lived on gatorade the 1st trimester because I had such bad morning sickness. Now I drink pretty much just water, with occasional gatorade or Sprite, but it was a tough switch! Good luck! :)


jb - December 8

I mostly drink water. Practically a gallon a day, I crave it. When I go out to eat I get sprint.


Natalie - December 8

my mumworks with maternity. she delivered a baby of a woman who drank bottles and bottles of lucozade and high glucose drinks. the woman thought it would help because she was always so tired and wanted more energy. problem was that carbohydrates (espicially sugar) store as fat the quickest. the baby came out at 12lb9oz and was taken to special care because of diabetes. i dont know if this would happen to everyone, but its certainly made me weary of consuming high sugar drinks!


Bonnie - December 8

I drank a TON of gatorade throughout the second trimester (which suddenly made me gain a ton of weight, grrrr) as I was craving it so bad. Now all of a sudden sweet stuff gives me an awful taste in my mouth and the only thing that stops it is to sip on water, so I am downing a ton of water or plain iced tea all day long (and I usually hate water).


lynnstress - December 8

Lots of water - but I was doing that pre-preg - and clear fruit juices. Recent months I started getting my taste for coffee back. Not every day, and only very occasionally regular coffee. Not to mention my 4 servings of milk per day - 2 big gla__ses of skim milk w/ 2 tsp. of chocolate milk mix.


shelbi - December 8

i always drink about 4 cups of water a day, during work.. and then juice in the morning and at night. occa__sionally, i'll have a sierra mist. but lately, i've started drinking 8 cups of water a day, during work, along w/ my juices. i got one of those smoothie king jugs that measures to exactly 64oz (1.89lit). of course, now i have to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes (during the day), as opposed to every hour.. but i guess it's worth it. lol


nic nac - December 9

i drink water and 2% milk only due to gestational diabetes. Water is the best for you anyway. it keeps you hydrated and keeps the amniotic fluid clean. I would stay away from splenda. it is very bad for you. you can research it yourself at www.thetruthaboutsplenda.com. I used to use splenda a lot but now i don't.


LRK - December 9

I have no medical knowledge, but I believe that Vitamin C is water soluable so it flushes out of your system when you get too much. I read that if you do have too much, the main problem is upset stomach and diarrhea. I live in a dry climate, so I drink a bunch of plain ol' water.



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