What Are You Going To Name Your Baby

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nina - February 2

hi, i am nina and have been pregnant for 35 weeks, i am going to have God hope a boy and will call him louaî .what about you ladies?


KLC - February 2

I am 30 weeks pregnant and we are naming our baby after my husband. He will be Aaron Burke Jr. But we will call him AJ.


jessb - February 2

We are naming our baby girl Alyssa Anne.


Tess - February 2

We are naming our little girl Isabelle Lorraine.


Marlene - February 2

I'm 32 almost 33wks pregnant and I'm naming my son Malachi Preston


Kim - February 2

We are thinking about Imani. I love it, and it's kind of unusual, but not hard to pronounce. What do you think?


mel - February 2

I'm 32 weeks. if baby is a boy, we're naming him Stephan (my husbands middle name) if it's a girl we're naming her Patience (something I seriously lack).


Lindsay - February 2

Girl here, naming her Meadow, not sure on middle name yet.


becky - February 2

to lindsay, i am also having a girl and her name is going to be Meadow Elizabeth.im 35 1/2 weeks


Marlene - February 2

to kim-I think Imani is a very pretty name


rk - February 2

Our little boy will be Christian Thomas. Christian was my dad's middle name and my grandfather's name. To Becky, I love Meadow Elizabeth!


cteel - February 2

I am 27.5 weeks and having a girl her name will be Cali Mae.


Angelaw. - February 2

Hi, I am very early,and don't even know what I'm having yet. If it is a girl her name is Alaina Katheryn, and if it is a boy his name will be Maxson Lee. I like that the names posted here are original, I'm a little worried that our family will be unreceptive to Maxson. BTW, nina is Iouai a Hawaiian name? It's very interesting.


nina - February 2

hi to you all and congrates,hope that you feel all great, to Angelaw louaî is an arabian name and i found that it is unique and one of the kind especially that it is not used alot, it means someone brave and couragous.goodluck to you all.


Emy - February 2

I am 37w3d and we are naming our little girl Gabrielle Elise


Leslie - February 2

36 1/2 weeks with twins.. dont know the s_xes so we have picked out 4 names.. Matteo William and Carlo Brian for boys and Daniela Claire and Juliana Marie for girls.. cant wait to find out!!


mom2 - February 2

37week with boy number two...first son is Patrick Neal and the little brother soon to grace our world is Luke Steven second name after my fauther.



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