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BCC - October 17



Kelly - October 17

I started using Luvs but then Luvs doesn't have the stretchyness as Pampers. Huggies are to expensive and there the same as Pampers. I'd go with Pampers.


Nicole - October 17

Some of it depends on the shape of your baby. I've found that Huggies has a nicer fit, but Pampers are more absorbant. Try the generic brands, too. If you find one that works well, you'll save a lot of money too. Some will fit better than others and some will be leakier than others. You just have to find what works for your baby. It may take a while. It's a trial and error thing.


Patience - October 17

I have been wondering the same thing, but everyone I have asked say pampers are best


Debi - October 17

Hi ladies, I'm just taking a sneak peek into third trimester posts (I'm only 22 weeks) but as I've already had 3 babies I feel I can answer this one. With my first she could use anything, I found that with the store brands as she got older they leaked, so I went back to Huggies. With my son I used Luvs or Pampers and with my little one I could only use Huggies, she got a rash from Pampers or anything else. I still am seeing this with her because she still uses Pull-ups at night and it has to be Huggies brand. I had a coupon for Pampers Training Pants so I bought them and she got a rash from them too. Good luck:)


SRG - October 17

I was told that Huggies leak and cost too much money. I was also told that the Pampers are suppose to be really good. I went to Sam's club and stocked up, cheaper that way!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 17

When Amaya was first born Pampers Swaddlers fit the best, Then size 2-3 didnt fit really well but Huggies Supreme fit great now. I think it all depends on the shape and size of your baby. Parents Choice have always fit OK but they do not hold very much so we were actually spending more buying them because we would have to buy more! Luvs never fit Amaya right, they are not as stretchy and are very tight even if you go up a size they are too big!


Brandie - October 17

I think that you will find that Pampers work better for infants when they get bigger Huggies work better. I don't know why but that's how it worked with my baby.


MJM - October 17

I Would say Pampers all the way. I used them with my daughter and will use them when our son arrives.


Dani - October 17

I heard... papmers for boys ,huggies for girls. I have never had a problem with huggies leaking. I do know that sometimes boys find a way to shoot right out of them, but thats cuz they are BOYS! good luck.. My dr.'s office/hosp gives samples :) ask about them. I got some samples of huggies, & pampers. The hosp here uses pampers while at the hosp. My mother bought me a box of sz 1 at Costco :) So i stuck w/those for atleast size 1, i figured it wont matter cuz you change them 52 times a day anyways... If they dont work out i will switch after they are gone, but ive never had a problem before.


Nikki - October 19

I heard the the Wal-mart brand "white cloud" were actually the best. I have had several family members who used them and said that they never leak. They used Pampers and Huggies before, all which lead to wet babies.


Heidi - October 19

They gave us Pampers Swaddlers in the hospital and when I got home I had three bags of huggies for newborns and they hung on her! She was only 6 lbs 14 oz. I ended up getting more pampers till she gains a little more weight and hopefully they huggies will fit her. I also have a pack of Luvs but it says 8 lbs and over like the other newborn ones. Swaddlers have leaked on me already too. She likes to sleep on her side and they leak a lot because of this.


mom2faith - October 20

Here it is 4:00 in the morning and this is the 2nd time I have been up in 3 hours changing sheets, this time I was not so lucky she would not go back to sleep anyways long story short she was wearing huggies supreme, she is 2 months old first time this is happeneing I just started buying huggies supreme, i was just buying baby shaped fit.


Christy - October 20

I have heard a lot of condflicting info on this. I think my friend summed it up the best in saying that different brands are better at different phases of the baby's growth/size. I think it is a matter of trial and error. I got a bunch of Huggies and Pampers at my shower, so I will kind of play it by ear and see what works best. We also are Costco members, so I may try their Kirkland Signature brand too, to see if they are any good. Anyone try them and have anything o say about them?


Nikki - October 29

Please don't holler at me for being a cheapo but I wouldn't do either! I tried them all with my first son and now as I am close to having my second I know I'm going with good old Wal-Mart brand white cloud. It was the last thing we tried with our first and we only waited so long because of the stigma of being cheap and not giving him the Best money could buy. I'm telling you these diapers were superior to anything else we used. After months of poop up the back and pee out the sides this diaper was a life saver!


lyn - October 31

I love huggies baby fit. They fit my girl really good. Luvs suck they don't stay on good. And Pampers baby dry don't work well if your baby sleeps on her/his side (which mine does). Haven't tried swaddlers. Oh and the walmart brand worked pretty good, but I like huggies the best. That's my opinion


Nini - October 31

I would go with the pampers swalldlers because to me the huggies are a bit rough .Almost everbody on the infant care post say that target has reall y the best diapers ,and even though my fiance argued with me about trying them on a 3 month old i still did and i would say so far so good.......but it has only been 3 days.



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