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Nini - October 31

I would go with the pampers swalldlers because to me the huggies are a bit rough .Almost everbody on the infant care post say that target has reall y the best diapers ,and even though my fiance argued with me about trying them on a 3 month old i still did and i would say so far so good.......but it has only been 3 days.


ASA - October 31

Huggies suck and are expensive. Pampers are expensive but work well and Luvs are okay and cheaper. I had to try different brands on my kids. When they were newborns I mainly used Luvs. As they got older, I used generic brands which worked well also. Depends on your baby.


JL - October 31

Pampers and Luvs are made by the same company, and they are SCENTED. My daughter has really sensitive skin and cannot tolerate the perfumes. We have to use Huggies because they are unscented and do not give her an instant diaper rash. Plus, and extra bonus is that Huggies is part of the Upromise college savings program, so you can collect a ton of free money with how many diapers you will have to buy! :)


Alicia - November 1

For those of you who want to save money on diapers its only $30 for about 200 diapers at any of the "club " (sams club, BJs) member stores its about $30 for the club membership for a year...if you ask me thats a small price to pay to get so many diapers for so cheap. They have brand name and I think for a little less they have non-brand name. Hope this helps!


~N~ - November 1

I plan on using Pampers Swaddlers for the first couple of months and then I am switching to White Cloud, because they are good diapers.


Emily - November 2

I refuse to buy Huggies. This is baby #3 for me and for the 1st two, they ALWAYS ALWAYS leaked urine and poop that would stain the clothes! The pull ups are great, but I will not buy huggies. Pampers are great. Luvs are made by pampers and I really like them and have never had a problem. I'll go with Pampers Swaddlers for the first few weeks and then switch to Luvs.


KJL - November 2

pampers and luvs are made by the same company. pampers are more stretchy. i like pampers best.


JJ - November 2

LMAO! Anyone ever thought about using cloth? I guess in this "I want it all yesterday" society we have created the convenience of disposable is just too tempting. I hope you at least flush the poo down the toilet before throwing them in the rubbish. C'mon - who else will admit to using cloth?


MichelleB - November 3

Love Huggies, but they only start at size 1. Pampers has a newborn diaper I used for the fist 6 weeks


huggies newborn - November 3

Huggies do have newborn diapers I bought them from target.I no longer use huggies though they leak on my daughter, I now use pampers swadlers they are really good my daughter is now in stage 1 she is 3 months old, they sure don't stay in newborn diapers long she was out of them in 3 weeks I believe.


:o) - November 3

I went to Wal-Mart today just to go ahead and stock up on diapers, I was planing on buying Pampers at $10.00 a pack, then I saw the White Cloud newborn diapers were only a little over $6.00 a pack! (they each have 40 diapers to a pack) So I bought all White Cloud! I know they work well because I used them on my first baby and didn't have a problem. I thought I would share this bargain with everyone!


Maggie - November 4

I used Pampers until my son started potty training, and then I switched to the Eckerd brand. I didn't have my son drink anything an hour before bed, so he didn't wake up in a puddle. For newborns I think pampers are far and away the best, and I've tried them all.


Tami - November 4

With my daughter we use pampers swaddlers. THe huggies leak and are huge on her. She is just over the eight pound mark at 6 weeks and we just started using size one. They are still huge on her-even pampers baby dry which hang on her. The swaddlers seem to be the best fit, since we don't want to keep having to buy newborns. Hope this helps!


climber - November 9

I use cloth. all the way baby. It isn't that much extra work and is worth not having to deal with the c___p they put in the disposables like the scents etc that my baby is so sensitive to. the Kushies brand is awesome, but i've made a lot of my own from a pattern call 'poo pockets' and they are awesome. goodluck!


Tati - November 9

I was reading though all the answeres and would agree with Nikki about Wal-mart brand. I have two girls and expecting a son on x-mas I would definitly say White cloud they don't leak and are great. So is the price. I tried huggies they don't last, Luvs were the worst. I had to change my daughters diper in the middle of the night so she would get up dry in the morning. Those whose babies dont have rash from dipers try Wal-mart brand White cloud you will thank later.


kate - November 20

WHITE CLOUD! Walmart brand - the only ones that have never leaked on us... We used Pampers swaddlers at first, just because they were ultra comfy and I wanted her little baby body to feel cozy...but as soon as she was out of Swaddler age, we tried Cruisers (leaked and are ugly, in my opinion....especially since the big blue areas on the diaper could be seen under her clothing....we tried Luvs - leaked, Huggies - REALLY leaked, and then turned to White Cloud - the cheap Walmart brand. Never leaked either pee or poo; never leave red marks on her legs, and have a cute design. We're sticking with them.



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