What Can I Do For Heartburn

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Heasty - December 14

I have severe heartburn all night long. What can I do or take to help get rid of it?


Christine - December 14

I have heard a lot of woman say to take calcium...there are some posts on here about it...look them up they have good info


christie - December 14

calcium antacids are good - but take them too often and they cause other problems - anemia and kidney stones for example. I sleep with a big pillow propped up in a reclining position and pillows all around me - sometimes this is the only way i can get to sleep. Papaya enzymes taken with a meal help with the digestion and can cut down on heartburn. Buy it pretty much just sucks and you have to deal with it the best you can. I just found out I'm anemic becuase of the antacids I've been taking. (I take them a lot). So I stopped taking them... night time sucks ok.


Jenn - December 14

I keep a little pint of vanilla ice cream in the freezer at all times. When I get heartburn, I just pull it out and eat a few spoonfulls. The relief usually doesn't last for too long, but maybe it'd be enough for you to get to sleep. (Tums never really worked for me, plus I hated the taste and grit... Ice cream tastes a WHOLE LOT better!)


v - December 29

i take tums-although it doesnt help completley it does take that nasty edge off!! i really cant wait til this is all over!!!


kerrie - December 30

hiya gaviscon is the best u have a spoon full or a mouth full and in a few seconds the pains gone i use it my self all the time u can get it from most places im in the uk so im not sure if u can get it in other places but im sure ur doc can let u know we in the uk can get it free on prescription i hope this helps iv also found that crushed ice works to


kim - January 4

If you are not opposed to taking medicines, Prilosec OTC is the most wonderful thing on the market!!! I was having severe heartburn and reflux and doc ok'd me to take Prilosec. I haven't had a problem with it since!! Gaviscon helped better than Maalox at first, but didn't keep it away all night. With the Prolosec, I can now finally get some sleep. Best of luck!


Crystal - January 11

My doctor put me on previcid when i first got pregnant i am now 38 weeks and I havn't had any more heartburn at all it is great.


Rainie - January 11

Talk your baby into dropping, it works wonders!!! Short of that, trust me your in for some NF (no fun) nights! My aunt had to sleep sitting up for the last few months of her pregnancy, mine was horrible too but now that they baby dropped my appet_te is back and the heart burn is gone.... on the down side, my hips, back, b___t, v____a etc. are killing me!


sonia - February 10

can you take tums when at 9 weeks?


BigBelly#2 - February 10

Pepcid AC and Maalox Max are both safe and seem to work well.


A - February 12



Donna - February 13

hiya im in the UK and i have 2 spoons of gaviscon it's great stuff, but ive found that a little gla__s of milk helps it too..i mostly get heart burn if i drink to much fizzy drinks it's awful :(


c - February 13

im in my last few weeks of pregnancy and it has gotten VERY bad!!! i havn't been taking anything, but trying to modify my diet a bit. throughout the day it isn't bad but at night is when i can't bear it. so i try not to eat after 6 - but that is hard since im always hungry. i find that if i eat carrots or something like that i won't get heartburn. as long as i don't eat to late or drink too much water it isn't too bad. chocolate KILLS me - automatic heartburn. so does bread, any kind of candy, fruit, soda, spicy food, anything that turns into sugar in my system quickly. Good luck... since I havn't been taking any antacids this is the only thing that works for me. it really does work... good luck


Salena - February 22

I have had horrid heartburn for 3 months and was scared to take anything, but then I started vomitting. So, I went to my doctor and they said, Zantac, Pepcid were ok. They even said they could prescribe Nexium and Prevacid. Hope this helps. I don't know how well it will work yet, just started taking today.


Drew - February 22

Zantac is a lifesaver!!!!


Chrissy - February 22

Pepcid AC is wonderful!!!



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