What Day Should I Choose

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Rhonda - January 31

I have to have a repeat c-section b/c my last baby was born 11mos ago by c-section b/c her head was to big.I went to my appt today and they did a u/s,the baby is between 4lbs9oz &4lbs12oz.I am now 34wks.They said to pick a date between the first of march to my due date which is march 15th,I dont know what date to pick.Should i choose as close to my due date as possible(and hope i dont go into labor)or should i pick a date like a week b/f im due?I just want to make sure the baby is ready.


SaraL - January 31

I just had a repeat c-section. My due date was Feb 9th, and my c-section was scheduled for 1/31. Well, I went into labor on the 17th - this was at 36 weeks. My daughter made her appearance at week 36 too. So, maybe you want to look at when your last baby came - and pick a date within a few days of that... if the baby wasn't overdue. :)


Rhonda - January 31

my last baby was almost two weeks late.they were going to induce me but the night before i went into labor.but had to have a c-section.


Kel - February 1

I thought they usaully did c-sections about 2 weeks prior to your due date so that you don't risk going into labor. Althogh I don't really now for sure, that is just what I heard :-)


mel - February 1

well, if the doctor has given you March 1st as the soonest, then he must think the baby would be ready by then, also i think even if you go into labor, they would still be able to do the c-section. maybe put all 15 days into a hat and draw one out? that would be kind of fun. :-)


L - February 1

If you are going to arbitrarily chose a date, why don't you choose a numerically date like 3/3/6. But in all seriousness, I would chose a date at least one week before your due date just to be safe.


Bridget - February 1

I've heard that a week before the DD is typical. I'm having a mandatory C section too and my dr gave me Feb 17th with a DD of Feb 22, only 5 days but I'm not too worried because on a later US the tech measured the baby as having a March 1st DD, though measurements later in pregnancy are less conclusive to actual DD since the baby will have taken on more of the parents characteristics and me and my DH are both not large people. I like my DD because 17 is my favorite #, LOL. Maybe think of which single digit you like best. Lucky seven? 3 for the Holy Trinity if you are Catholic? 5 because it's a prime #? I'm being funny but I bet there is a # that means something special to you. Let us know what you decide.BTW, my (40th!) birthday is March 15th but I KNOW you don't want to wait till then,LOL.


Kiddolebel - February 1

My dr is having a repeat c section and she is having hers done two weeks before her DD.


Rhonda - February 1

Well i was thinking maybe the 7th.My main concern is the u/s i just had was to measure the weight &anmonic fluid,but the nurse practioner said"were not changing your due date but the u/s is showing march 27th"and she said it's b/c the baby is small.Dose that make sense?I dont really understand.Why would my 20wk u/s show the 15th but a u/s at 34wks shows the 27th?


Kiddolebel - February 2

I wouldnt really count on the u/s dates hun. Two of my u/s's showed different dates...like a week further out which made no sense to my dr. So we are just keeping the due date from LMP. U/s Due dates have a 3 week window. Good luck with everything!


Bridget - February 3

Rhonda, that's just what happened to me when I had an US later (27 weeks) after the one at 19 weeks. Since the baby is developed but small (me and my DH are 5'1" and 5'8") the baby isn't going to be big, so he will be ready to come out at the same time as originally predicted but since it is near the DD, he looks small for his gestational age, even though he is developmentally matured. At my US at 27 weeks the tech told me the DD by size was 3-1 even though it really was still 2-22.Early in pregnancy fetuses are more uniform in size and haven't taken on the genetic characteristics of their parents yet, like a 6'6" football player's 8 week old fetus will be close in size to a fetus whose father is my husband's size (5'8") but by 28 weeks or so, there will be a bigger difference in the size due to the parents characteristics. Does that make anything a bit more clear? What I do know is that my guy feels ready to come out cuz I can hardly breathe!LOL!



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