What Do Bring To The Hospital

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Brooke - December 13

I am 35 weeks pregnant and my doctor thinks the baby will come early. Should I go ahead and pack a bag? and what should I pack? What are you all bringing to the hospital? Also, should I go ahead and put the baby seat in the car?


dew - December 14

babysrus.com has a list of hospital essentials, it's not everything , but it's a good start.


Lynn - December 14

I brought a ton of stuff to the hospital that I didn't use.. don't bother with your own pajamas/underwear,etc. You'll wear the hospital gown & their underwear so you don't ruin your own. Bring whatever you want to have while in labor -popsicles, juice, cards, etc,etc, bring an outfit to go home in & remember, you'll still look 6 months pregnant coming home, also think about a possible c-section, bring clothes that won't rub the incision site if you end uphaving one. I did wear a little bit of makeup for the ride home - basic foundation, powder, mascara & lip gloss. Bring you own shower stuff, but don't expect to be shaving your legs or anything. Good luck, and yes, I would install the carseat and check to adjust the straps for a small baby too. You don't want to mess with that sort of thing when the "time" actually comes.


Lynn - December 14

P.S. I brought Depends underwear for discharge day & the next few days.. the pads the hospital gives you are HUGE, like 6 inches across and 2 feet long..they are HUGE. It was so much easier to put on a pair of depends and not have to worry about leaking anywhere.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 14

I packed so much stuff I did not need. I brought my own clothes and pj's for hanging out in the hospital after baby is born, along with some newborn clothes and a go home outfit. Just some toiletries and some lounging clothes and a go home outfit for baby. And another one if you wnat to redress them in the hospital. Make sure to bring a camera and alist of phone no.s and some clothes for your partner, you may be in l&d for awhile. The hospital provides you with so much you would need. Next time, I am just going with a backpack! I installed the carseat early so we would be ready to go when it came time to take baby home! Good luck!


dwc - December 14

the main things I am taking are a robe and house shoes, a change of clothes for me to wear home, my everyday items, hair brush, shampoo, conditioner, toothbursh etc. camera, cell phone, toys for my dd, a change of clothes for her and my dh, car seat. about two sets of clothes for new baby. Hospital that I will be delivering at are really good at having on hand items you will need for baby and you during your stay, so that is fortunate that I will not have to take diapers etc. I am sure I am forgetting a few items, but I found with my first I really did not need that much during my stay.



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