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Dia_ - May 21

Okay ladies...I need some help! I am almost 37 weeks (on Tues) and I have been feeling kind of weird. I have been having these really painful cramps that start at the top of my uterus and wrap around to the bottom...they are not at all like menstrual cramps, but I get very nauseated from the pain, I get dizzy and start shaking. They are not at all regular...I only get a couple a day, but they are really throwing me for a loop. I get very tired afterwards and they almost make me want to cry. Are these contractions? I have a doc appt on Wednesday and she is wanting to sweep my membranes then....any help is appreciated!!!!


Evonna - May 21

Well you will only know if it's contractions if you feel a hardening of the abdomen which the uterus hardens as it tightens. If you have pain while having these contractions then it could be early labor because braxton hicks are more umcomfortable than painful.


krista-lee - May 21

Evonna - when you have a contraction, can you actually feel your stomach harden if you touch it? or is it just a feeling?


angelbebe - May 21

Question-why sweeping membranes at 37 weeks?


Evonna - May 21

You actually can feel your stomach harden, it feels like touching a rock, lol. and you will easily notice the feeling more when you move around.


Brenda M - May 21

I'm (33) weeks and my stomach gets hard every so often just from the baby moving around--it's very odd. As for contractions, do they feel like diarrhea cramps? If so, I'm doomed. I'd rather have earth-shattering menstrual-like cramps than those draining, weakening, don't know what to do with them diarrhea cramps I get from time to time. Anyone? Brenda


Dia_ - May 21

Yes, my stomach does harden - incredibly hard. I have been getting BH since about 30 weeks and this is different. I can physically feel my stomach harden inside and it is like a rock from the outside. Angelbebe ~ not sure why she wants to sweep the membranes. DH is military and I go to the military hospital (not sure if that makes a difference?) but she said at 37 weeks I am considered term and membrane sweeping will speed up labor IF I am ready. Not sure about any of it, as this is my first. Thanks for all the help!


Dia_ - May 21

Brenda - this almost feels like a cross between menstrual cramps and diarhea like cramps. It almost makes me sweat and I start to shake. Also, my bowels get very loose. I don't think I am really anywhere near labor, but I think my body is starting to prepare itself.


miraclebaby - May 21

hi dia, good luck to you, sounds like to me your starting early labor. I got the diarrhea before I went into labor . Good luck to you and best of luck


Tillie - May 21

Dia & Brenda -- I've been feeling the exact same thing. Wow is it uncomfortable; it makes me completely nervous for the real ones. Tonight I was at the hospital getting a fetal heartrate monitor (I have to do this every day, what a drag) and a woman in the bed next to me was in early labor and just hooooorribly uncomfortable, moaning, getting sick. It terrified me to my very core! I'm suddenly so wimpy about what's ahead...


lianne - May 22

hi dia...i havent spoken to you in quite some time...have been asking random questions here and there, but havent been on as much since i feel like the more i think about my pregnancy, the slower i feel that it goes lol...anyways, i have been having the same type of feeling, except mine are starting more from the side, and then shooting downward, but at the time that it is happening i have to literally stop what i am doing and sit down...they have been lasting for about an hour or two at a time, but havent ever been timed, so i dont know how many, but they always end up stopping which is so frusterating lol...i am just chalking it up to the fact that it is my body preparing itself for the real thing, and is giving me some insight of what to expect in the early stages of labor...(not the later stages lol), anyways, my dh is military as well, what branch is your husband, and where are you all stationed...(i might have asked before, but i am not sure, my dh is in the navy, and we are in hawaii...how fun, anyways, the whole point of this is that they are going to strip my membranes on my next appointment (next wednesday) as well...good luck to you, and you have to report on here how it was etc so that i know what to look forward to lol. take care!


Dia_ - May 23

Hi Lianne! My "contractions" are just like that. I can't really time them either because there is no regularity to them. DH is air force and we are in FL. I go in tomorrow (Wed) for my appt. Sleeping is becoming an absolute nightmare. I can't get comfortable, my mind races, and my head begins to hurt after awhile and my nose stops up, so I just get up after about 2 or 3 hours of sleep. Yuk! I will definitely keep you updated - - keep me updated as well!


lianne - May 24

hi dia! i know what you mean about the sleeping, but my problem isnt getting comfortable, my problem is that i wake up every morning at 3 am to go to the bathroom, and for the life of me cant fall back asleep, and my whole body aches as if i have just done the most strenuous (sp) excersize ever...i dont get it lol. anyways, how was your appointment today? was it painful? how do you feel now? let us know, i hope that you are doing well, and about the sleeping, have you tried maybe just sleeping on the couch, my friend said that was the only place that she could get any sleep during her last couple of months. gl.


Dia_ - May 24

Hi there! Just got back from my appt. Good news is that I am 2 cm dialated, 20% effaced, baby is engaged in pelvis, head down and posterior. Bad news: I could stay like this for 5 more weeks! Dr. doesn't think so, and she is stripping my membranes next Wed to speed things up - yea! She told me to have lots of s_x and that she thinks the baby will be here soon. I sure hope so! I actually got a good nights sleep last night, thank goodness! I really hope the baby comes soon and on his own - I would be very happy for that. I have been feeling very crampy lately and I actually think I can feel myself dialating. I feel these knife-like pains deep inside my v____a...my doc said that is probably my cervix opening up. However, I have NOT lost any mucous plug stuff at all and I am already at 2cm...how far along are you and when are you due? I can't remember if I had already asked you that!!


lianne - May 24

hey dia! well all that news sounds awesome! especially since you are already 2 cm...yes you can stay like that for quite a while, but it doesnt really sound like your doctor is going to have you be at 2cm for long...so congrats. i am 37 weeks exactly today, so i will be 38 weeks at my next appointment (wed also) and my due date is the 14th, if i remember correctly we are like one day apart or something like that. i am really hoping that my midwife is going to strip my membranes as well...but i have just recently read that you have to be 2cm...let me know what your doctor said, about that if anything. talk to you soon!


Dia_ - May 24

We are only 1 day apart - how cool! I am due the 13th :) My doc didn't say anything about needing to be a certain amount of centimeters dialated to do the sweeping, but I have read that you do have to be at least a little dialated. My doc said the good thing about sweeping the membranes is that it will ONLY put you into labor if you are ready to go, otherwise it won't do much of anything at all. So, I guess that is a good way of giving nature a push without any medical drug intervention. My doc said to have lots of s_x, so I think we will start that tomorrow - too tired tonight!!! :)


lianne - May 25

hi dia. that it what i have read also, but like you, my midwife didnt say anything to me about having to be dialated, so we will see...i guess though if your not ready it wont work, but if you are, then it will...just what i have read. anyways, i have found it really hard to get motivated the last two days, i just want to lay around and do nothing! dont know why, because last week, i had such a burst of energy and i couldnt stop doing things! who knows, pregnancy is so weird sometimes lol. well i hope that you are feeling well...talk to you soon!



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