What Do Hiccups Feel Like

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evae777 - October 16

i have a hard tapping almost a kicking feeling that has been consistent and fast for over 5 minutes and in the same spot. is it hiccups or is the fetus in distress??


beeniestar - October 16

Sounds like hiccups to me. My lo gets them almost everyday and the feeling varies from hard taps to soft ones...I feel so bad for him.


evae777 - October 16

oh good, thanks for answering, i was almost panicked for a minute! it was such a new feeling and so different. i thought he was having trouble breathing in there or something. it has stopped now. hopefully it was just hiccups, but they were just soo strong and fast!!


Kitalj07 - October 16

Yeah trust me... They were hiccups!


evae777 - October 16

thank you so much, you guys don't know how relieved i am now... i was about to call the doctor


Tink - October 16

sounds like hiccups. my LO gets them often- you will notice a 'consistent' pattern as they continue. usually mine are pretty soft 'taps'


synesthesia1821 - October 17

i posted this answer on another one, so im just gonna copy and paste what i wrote there. =] when mine gets the hiccups it almost feels like mild kicking constantly. like every couple seconds ill feel it.almost feels like the baby is being suprised by something and jumping in response, you know what i mean? exactly how you feel when you get the hiccups, that's how the baby feels inside of you getting them. my LO usually gets them AT LEAST once a day, usually more at nighttime. I talked to the doctor about this too to make sure that that's what it was and that everything was ok with my LO and it couldnt be something severe like him in distress or something and he said no, that they were hiccups and that it was normal and very healthy. he said hiccups were a very good sign because it means the baby is healthy and that it soothes them, and puts them to sleep. hope this helps. good luck with your LO. I know they can be quite annoying to you [the hiccups], especially if you're trying to sleep, but try to think about it that the baby is healthy! and he is being soothed to sleep. sometimes i dont know if this is related or not or just me not paying attention, but if i try to ignore them, they seem to stop sooner. maybe its just mind over matter? i dont know. =]


josie4 - October 17

Don't worry, it's just your baby hiccuping! My baby gets them 2-5 times a day (who knows how much at night) and sometimes it a strong tapping feeling, sometimes it's a soft tapping feeling. I think it depends on the position and which way the baby is facing.



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