What Do Real Contractions Feel Like

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Audrea - August 24

I have heard contractions feel diffirent for every woman. I was wondering if they could feel like gas pains and you not even know you are in early labor. I seem to get these gas pains all the time and my tummy tightens up with them sometimes and wondering if they could be braxton hicks or just gas pains or could progress to something later that could be a real contraction.


lindsay - August 24

I'm getting those same pains. I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow. I think they are braxton hicks, I've heard you get those more and they are more intense toward the end of pregnancy. I still time them just to be safe. If they come at regular intervals then you just might be in the early stages of labor. I'm asking my OB about them today.


miranda - August 24

Early labor and even some of active labor didn't feel that horrible to me, the only time it felt intense was when I got close to transition. (Can't say much for after that, my dr made me get an epidural because I stalled for a few hours and she thought it might help me dilate the rest of the way.) Anyway, this was all with pitocin too. I would just say it felt like menstrual cramps that intensify as you get further along.


Jennifer - August 24

I've had the menstrual like cramps, the tightening of the belly, the pressure way low and the sharp pains in my upper thighs. I mentioned all of this to my doc yesterday. She checked my cervix and I was still only dilated 1 cm (been there 4 weeks now). She said real labor contractions will literally take your breath away. I dunno, these hurt pretty bad. Im terrified to find out what the real thing feels like.


theresa - August 24

With my first child the real contractions felt like the oxygen was being pulled from me!!!!


Erin - August 25

There is one sure way to tell the difference. BH contractions will be in your abdomen, where as real contractions should be felt more in the lower back... Also, if they do not let up with a change of position, a bath, or maybe lying down then you might want to time them...


baby.ksh49.com - August 25

By gas pain do you mean "OMG !! I gotta poop SO SO BAD !!!!!" Does it feel like you have been constipated for a year and just REALLY gotta go? That's what mine were always like. All 3 pregnancies were that way.


... - August 29

ive had so many unusuall pains and FINALLY i figured it out. haha you can feel them differently and in different places but the ones to keep an eye out for are mestrual pains. not like at the beginning or end of a period but a nasty cramp right int he middle. haha at first they dont even hurt. but they are them . also with mine whenever i had one the baby would move . i dont know if thats for everyone though. best way to put it in words.. and it may sound grose the feeling you get right before you get nasty diahreaa. thats how mine felt



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