What Do They Do For The Glucose Screening TOMORROW

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Corrine321 - March 29

Okay, tomorrow i have a glucose screening thing... Yeah and i get to find out if its a boy or girl!! Im 28 weeks and very excited to know! last time we couldnt tell.. but what do they do for the glucose thing?


Bonnie - March 29

For the first one they generally have you drink a very sweet syrupy drink, then wait an hour and they take your blood. If you fail that one (which happens a lot) then they have you come back for a 3 hour test. For the 3 hour test you have to fast before it and they draw blood every hour.....occasionally some doc will have you fast before the first test but most do not. It depends on which one they do. If they have not told you to fast then don't worry about it.


letgo0527 - March 30

i had my screening on Monday, you go in, drink a cup of sugary sweet orange soda, then wait one hour, then they draw your blood. If you fail you have to do it again, like Bonnie said, for 3 hours. Good Luck!!


bean - March 30

Just like the two posts above me said, you get a drink and then blood drawn an hour later. The other piece of advice I can give you is that you won't be allowed to eat, drink, or put anything in your mouth until your blood is drawn, so bring a bottle of water and maybe a bagel with you to the appt to have afterwards. Some women experience a "sugar crash" and need something to eat so they don't feel jittery. Oh - and shake the drink before you drink it... I didn't and all the syrupy sticky stuff was at the bottom (gross!). Enjoy the ultrasound!


Amanda R - March 30

I just wanted to add that with my GT they drew blood before AND after the drink. It was kind of a surprise that they had to pull it before...The drink wasn't nearly as bad as I had heard it was. Mine was a lemon-lime flavor and was very much like a flat Sprite. They were really nice and had it super cold which also helped. I just noticed you posted this on the 29th...so I guess you know if it's aboy or girl!! Hope you come back and update us!



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