What Do U Use For Stretchmarks

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Vivian - November 19

Or better to say to avoid them?? What lotion or cream is the best in your opinion and how often do you apply it? thanx


Kristin - November 19

Hi Vivian. I have done some research on that myself and pretty much everything I have read says that you can't avoid stretch marks. Maybe someone has some miracle cream out there or something I don't know that actually works, but I don't really think there is anything that's proven. I've heard drink lots of water for your skin elasticity, coacoa b___ter, any lotion with vitamin E, etc. The only thing I can say I have really done is the water thing and I am always putting lotion on. I thought I was all good because I had gone pretty much all but about 8 or 10 weeks of pregnancy with only stretch marks on the underneath side of my b___bs which was absolutely fine with me cause you can't see them unless you really look and then one morning I woke up and had some on my lower stomach on each side. I was like OMG..noooo! I thought I was in the clear. I don't think you can really avoid them completely.


Kristin - November 19

Oh yeah, one of my girlfriends just had a baby and she religously used cocoa b___ter after a nice long bath every night. I heard that's supposed to be excellent stuff for stretch marks. She thought she was in the clear too, took a bath one night and there was nothing, woke up the next morning and she said that she had a lot on her stomach. She said they literally happened over night. A hand held big mirror is always good cause you can see things you can't see becasue of your growing belly. I wouldn't have known about mine without one.


Tracy - November 19

Palmer's cocoa b___ter (it's got a pregnant woman on the bottle) - it won't make them go away, but it will help them fade, and prevent new ones.


Ca__sie - November 19

As everyone has already said, there really is no avoiding stretchmarks.... unless you're one of the lucky few who just doesn't have it in their genes to get 'em. I use the palmer's stuff every day after my shower, but I still have stretch marks. I mainly use it to keep my tummy from drying out.


Jen - November 19

Use vitamin E oil!!!!! Get the pure kind that is extra thick and put it on twice a day. This oil was recomended to me by my dermatologist to both prevent and treat them, and so far I LOVE it (don't want to jinx myself)....


Tati - November 20

I didn't and don't use any cream because too many friends did and I am the one with out stretch marks. Well I do have some on my b___sts but they don't count because I b___st feed my kids a long time so it paid of.


kaitlin - November 24

I use stuff i bought from the maternity store (can't remember the name) but also use the Body Shop cocoa b___ter stick. My sister-in-law recommended it to me (a friend of hers used it and never got a mark, and neither did my sister-in-law). So far, I'm without any (I hope I'm not jinxing myself here) but I'm only at 35 weeks, so there's still plenty of time for them to appear. I know a lot of people who got them the week or two weeks before giving birth, when they stretched a certain way, so I'm sure it can still happen. Good luck.



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