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ashley - June 7

I am soo bored. I am not working or nothing! I have gotten the baby's room all done and now I am always looking for projects to start, lol. I weeded my garden 3 times already. I've mowed our lawn and my mother and father in laws, lol. I live on a ranch and the nearest big town with stores is 35 miles one way and 50 the other. My house is emmaculate and my laundry is done. What do you do to keep busy? Im not a big tv buff either. I know I should enjoy it, but I get bored and my butt gets sore from sitting to much.


ashley - June 7

by the way I should mention that up until 3-4 weeks ago I have always either had a job or went to school full time and had plenty of commitments so this is really strange for me to not have school or a job. I feel lost or something. I graduated college and had quit my job to finish my last year of college since I was in nursing and had 12 hour clinical days and then never got a full time job only on call because I knew I would get settled and then have to leave my job because I wanted to stay at home with the baby at least the first year.


Been There - June 7

Do you write? Maybe you could do that. Is there a hobby you've always thought about doing?


moucheka - June 7

I agree with the writing comment. Make a detailed pregnancy journal with belly pics and results of tests/doctor visits etc. Also, if you haven't made a journal about your life, start noting interesting things you did/achievements etc. I loved looking at what my mum recorded and seeing what she thought about things in her life and what she did before she was primarly my mum.


torbman - June 7

I went to a dollar store and picked up a kids sc___pbook paper and got old magazines and pencil crayons and art stuff. I made my own baby book for the baby instead of buying one, and it turned out awesome. Way more personal then had I bought one. You could add photos of your house and the baby's room. You could add all sorts of stuff. Hope this gives you an idea. (Tamara)


JessDT - June 7

torbman that is a fantastic idea!! i know how you feel ashley, i decided to take off work a little early so i could enjoy doing nothing, and i've been off for about three weeks and i think i'm just about crazy with bordom! i have finished decorating the baby's room, and rearranged the bedroom and living room, organized everthing i could get my hands on, and now i have nothing to do!! but starting tomorrow (or maybe today) i'm going to the dollar store and making a baby sc___pe book!!


starr - June 7

Well, u could always come help out at my house.Just a thought.Good Luck.


torbman - June 8

Ashley, just thought of another idea. Why not premake suppers, and freeze them so that you and your spouse won't have to worry about it when the baby comes home. Those glad freezer containers work great and relly don't cost alot when you compare it to buying tupperware. I would love to do that now but since my water broke early (31 weeks and 4 days) I am on bedrest til 34 weeks. Believe me there is only so much tv you can watch. I have gotten caught up on my Y&R though. I suppose you could do that with one episode though, with that show. Hope this helps. I would love to have that all done already. I didn;t even have my bag ready. Gee and I thought I was organized! Take care (Tamara)


ashley - June 8

i have tons of sc___pbooking stuff, but the stuff I want to get to make the baby book costs more money and Dh and I are on the broke side until he gets paid again... so I am on the "try to watch your spending dear..." side of things.


ashley - June 8

Thanks for the ideas. I want to learn to crochet. There is a gal at the church who made me a beautiful crocheted blanket, mabye she'll teach me. I'd love to come help you ladies at your house! Any one live around Montana? lol


Tanya2 - June 8

Enjoy this time, trust me when the baby comes, you will be sooo busy especially for the first 2 months. I have an 8 month old and I'm pregnant with my second, the two babies will be 11 months apart. I remember those days when I had nothing to do and I was bored. By the way I'm a teacher so I'm used to the long summers off. How far along are you???


Mingill - June 8

Hi ashley, I'm in a similar situation. My job contract ended, so now I'm bored. I like the sc___pbook idea that the other ladies have suggested. I have been cleaning, putting away all the clothes that don't fit etc. I also took up knitting, I taught myself from books, but I know that places do offer cla__ses. Hobbies are good, do you paint or draw? Maybe you could make decorations for baby's room.


me - June 9

Is it possible that you could just sit and relax with a good book? People tell me to enjoy the quiet time now while you can :) Maybe get a ma__sage? Pedi, mani? Spend some time with friends and family? Just some ideas...



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