What Do You Feel When You Press Your Stomach

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Brenda M - May 1

Hi everyone! I'm (30) weeks pregnant with my first baby and due in early July. My stomach has really popped over the past three weeks and I spend quite a bit of time with my hands on it, just sort of checking things out. Anyway, it usually just feels like a big round basketball, but every once in awhile I feel some pressure, and when I put my hands on that area, I can feel a hard lump, about the size of a softball, right under the skin. Strangely, when the softball appears, there is usually another smaller lump (orange-sized?) directly across from it. Is there any way to decipher exactly what the lumps are? I'd like to think that it's the baby's head and maybe his rump, but I'm not sure. It's very interesting! Anyone else?


Tess - May 1

Hello! Im 37 wks/3 days pg due May 19th. Umz...Im glad you asked this question. Lately my lil. girl has been very active (still) I can feel her kicking but not as much as b4 (bet. 29wks-32 wks) My tummy would make this really odd shape most of the time and I know for sure that.....thats either her back or her b___t (stretching)...really neat though. Other than that.....everything seems to be okay. Shes already head down and looking down. Goodluck!


mrsarcii - May 1

by 30 weeks my baby was head down it was his b___t and feet!! they are amazing contortionists!!


Brenda M - May 1

Mrsarcii--I had a doctor's appt. this afternoon and my OB/GYN pressed way down low near my pelvic bones to see if he could feel the head and apparently it wasn't there yet. But heck, I never thought that it might be his feet--the lumps just feel so big! And Tess--my belly makes weird shapes too...almost like "corners." It's times like these when I wish I had that machine that Tom Cruise bought Katie. Hey--maybe it's for sale on eBay!


2StarsOnMyBack - May 1

Hi! it truly is neat to see them moving from the outside! And to feel them too! Im 40 weeks and about a moth ago i started seeing my little guys arm stretch and his hand sorta reach out! Too cool, it made me cry...


2StarsOnMyBack - May 1

Sorry there, totally changed the thread... What I feel when I press on my stomach, high above my belly b___ton is what i believe to be his b___t, and on other areas what i believe to be either an arm or a leg, maybe even a foot if im lucky.


Brenda M - May 1

Another strange thing is that sometimes, when the bigger lumps surface, I can feel a tiny little flutter way way down low. It's almost like there's more than one little being in there!


Nora1 - May 2

Brenda, I know exactly what you mean by the 2 bumps! I've had that quite a bit, but it's usually just the one, which the dr. has verified that this is his bottom. (I'm 32 weeks, by the way.) But he is in the head-down position already, and yet I still feel the 2 bumps at times! So, I don't know if maybe he moves his head back up every now and then or if this could be something else. I really don't know what else it could be though because of it's size. It's too big to be any other body part, like a leg or arm, etc...


Ba8y6irl - May 3

I feel elbows and feet and bum and knees... especially knees... I love to pat her bum when she sticks it out! So round and tiny :)



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