What Do You Know About Fundal Height

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Sarah - December 30

I had my 36 week appointment yesterday and when they measured my fundal height, both the nurse, and then the doctor were shocked at how much it had grown in the past month. I don't know what is normal but she said I went from 36 to 42 in one month. She also said that after about 40cms the body begins the labour process. On the way out (which of course is always rushed) she said she was going to schedule me for an ultrasound and she would give us a call. There was a message on the phone when we got home giving us an appointment for January 12th...which is another 2 weeks away.....If there were a problem with the fluid, or the baby was too big, or I started to go into labour as she described.....doesn't this seem a little late? Has anyone had any experience like this? She did check my cervix and she said "well, its still all there, but it is soft". Maybe I am just worrying too much....I don't want to go early, and I certainly do not want a C-Section. That is my biggest fear.


rl - December 30

you know the baby came safely come at 37wks you don't have to go the full 40wks I had my first two early at around 37wks and they were fine. About the fundal height thing I think it is suppose to match the week you are in


Bump - December 30



ashley - December 30

sarah-fundal height is just an estimate.. Usually around 20 weeks its 20cm, 25 weeks 25 cm, 36 weeks 36cm, etc. Over 40 cm does not garuntee labor. Every body is different and grow different. I measured only at 34cm at 38 weeks. I had a healthy baby.


shelbi - December 30

fundal height can be inaccurate during the last weeks of pregnancy due to lightening (the baby dropping.. or engaging in the pelvis). this can cause the fundal height to be lower than 40 at 40 weeks.


Sarah - December 30

Ok, so, a fundal height of 42 is definitly on the large size at 36 weeks.


Heather - December 31

I've been measuring 4 cm ahead since 28 weeks and have had a few ultrasounds due to a different problem and baby is fine. my girlfriend measured 46 at 38 weeks and almost 50 by the time she hit 40 weeks. She had her baby 2 days after her due date and the baby was only 8 lb 2 oz. every measures different. if you are already 36 weeks, the baby would have very few problem if any if all else has been fine.


g - December 31

They say that the fundal height measurement loses its accuracy after you get well into the third trimester.


Chris - January 1

I don't understand why doctor's still measure fundal height. I don't see how it could be accurate if women are all different sizes. Would'nt a heavier set lady or an overweight lady have a higher fundal measurement than a small or thin lady? My dr. has never measured my stomach he measures the baby's head and does some bone measurements at each visit using an ultrasound.


Ginny - January 2

When I was 30 weeks along, the fundal height went from 29 to 33 inches, and my dr said that the fundal height can be off if the baby is stretching in different directions. And since my baby is SUPER active, th FH measurements have been all over the place. Like Chris said, that's not the best indicator of health.


Vicki915 - January 12

I too have the same issue with my baby. I am 30w1day and just 2 days ago at my doctors appointment he told me baby size had me at 33 weeks. He told me that he was just a big baby. I'm going to see my doc again tomorrow to ask more questions, so I'll update you with more info.



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