What Do You Miss The Most

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Ashlie - October 21

Most of us are 28wks+ and are probably very large by now, I am just wondering what most of you miss the most from your prepregnancy days? I miss a few things like being able to roll over all in one go, being able to lay on my tummy, being able to crack my back and definitly being able to sleep through the night without having to get up and go to the potty. I am 38wks, being induced in 4 days and just cant wait to be able to do all those things again!!!


Michelle - October 21

I miss not having all the stretching pains. I am so ready to have this baby and I still have a ways to go. ~sigh~


Huge - October 21

I miss the sight of my feet, my cute pre-pregnancy clothes, a beer on a hot day, coffee without guilt, sleeping on my tummy, definetely cracking my back, feta cheese, my cute shoes, hmm....I could probably go on for a lot longer but I have to pee, oh yeah I miss not having to pee for hours at a time...


. - October 21



Lesley - October 21

I miss going clubbing. I didn't go very often but it was nice to get out once in a while and let my hair down. I miss being able to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath. Being able to shave my legs (have to get my partner ot do them lol), being able to fit between a table and chair (the ones that are stuck to the floor), eating liver, I love that stuff! Dippy eggs :-( I miss so much stuff, but I know when I have the baby I will miss being pregnant!


jackie - October 21

I miss my pointy toe stilleto heels ( think I have every pair Nine West has made), I miss going clubbing or just to lounges, I miss hot wings, red bull & vodka. I miss my size 8 work wardrobe. I miss s_x


Lisa - October 21

I miss s_x, a nice cold beer, and being sble to clean everything without getting worn out after 15 minutes.


N - October 21

I miss s_x, sleeping, my old clothes, taking my son to the playground, red wine, exercising, latte's.. one thing I DON'T miss even a little.. MY PERIOD!


KV - October 21

I miss my coffe in the morning, sleeping on my tummy and the s_x . But i know that when will have the baby i will miss my pregnancy;everybody's attetion, my husband doing the chores, sleeping most of the time, my full hair and the glow in my face and a lot of other things that we pregnant women have in advance. Good luck to all.


Ca__sie - October 21

I miss my pre-pregnancy clothes, sleeping on my tummy, dancing around the house, going for walks without getting uncomfortable, and getting an occasional alcoholic drink at a restaurant.


Those were the days...... - October 21

I miss all of my cute clothes and being able to eat anything I wanted and not gaining a pound! Oh yeah, I got pregnant 3 months before my 21st birthday so I completely missed that crazy fun night out I was supposed to have, followed by many more! Oh well it will all be worth it in 5 weeks!!


Ready-to-Pop - October 22

I miss a gla__s of champagne, a cup of coffee, sleeping through the night, taking nice long runs or just being able to run at all, wearing normal shoes, my regular clothes, my flat stomach and small b___bs and not being able to eat whatever the heck on want.


hmmm... - October 22

seriously, i miss being able to roll over on top of my dh in the morning. i think he misses it too. i also miss cracking my back, HOT baths, spicy food, and hanging out with girlfriends without feeling out of place. ashlie - good question, by the way.


LN - October 22

I miss my prepregnancy clothes, mixed drinks, popping my back, and being able to go into a sports bar or pool hall without getting funny looks. After I give birth, I KNOW I am going to miss feeling her move and kick inside me, waking up knowing there is a little bit of me and a little bit of my husband growing inside of me, and the simple fact of being pregnant (this has been the best experience for me!). What I won't miss: the 13 pounds I have gained so far that I hope to lose!


Jessie V - October 22

My feet, and my regular clothes.


rachel.r - October 23

i miss sleeping on my belly, being able to sleep the whole night without going to the toilet, i miss not being able to do my bikini line.. i cant see down there properly(unless i have a mirror. i just miss being comfortable in general.


Jennifer - October 23

I miss s_x! coffee, and buying clothes that aren't maternity. My husband took me shopping this week-end, which was sweet, but he was buying all these clothes for himself and I was jealous because I wanted to try on clothes and buy some so bad!! I did buy a really ridiculously expensive pair of shoes that I won't be able to wear until after the baby is born, but it made me feel better. Hubby promised to take me shopping for clothes after the baby is born



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