What Do You Pack For The Hospital

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Tye - April 17

This might be a stupid question but what list of things do you put in your bag to go to the hospital? I didn't get a chance to pack a bag with my first pregnancy becaues my water broke at 28 with premature triplets who then stayed in the NICU for 2-3 months. So could someone give me the runndown on what to pack and how things might go for the duration of a full-term delivery be it C-section or natural. This may sound silly but I just want the luxery of being prepared this time and I'm looking for what you gals have done in preparation for the big event. Thanks!


AmandaManns - April 17

Well to be perfectly honest i definitely overpacked. All you really need is a bag for the baby, a take home outfit and that is really it because they give you diapers, wipes and formula. For yourself I would take some comfy pj's unless you want to sleep in the hospital gowns and a toothbrush and toothpaste, brush, make-up if you wish, some shampoo/conditioner. They give you all the personal items such as pads and stuff like that. I would pack some food for the dad to munch on while you are in labor. My boyfriend was soooo hungry as I was in labor for 22 hours. Then also a change of clothes for dad. I brought my son's baby book and I think that is about it. I also brought some comfy slippers too.


krista-lee - April 17

i have a pregnancy book that lists about 100 different things you can bring. ive narrowed it down to these important things: long robe, loose pants & t-shirt, 2 loose fitting PJs, slippers, bras & underwear, toothbrush/toothpaste, thick socks, books/magazines, MP3 player or portable radio, camera & batteries, going home outfit for the baby and you, a baby blanket, diapers & wipes incase the hospital doesnt supply them. and also the hospital tends to give you really chunky pads to wear for bleeding after the birth, so you might wanna pick up you're own, i suggest alyways MAXI overnight, they're really good for heavy bleeding.


krista-lee - April 17

oh yes, and since you arent allowed to eat or drink during labor, you might wanna get some small candies or lollipops to much on while in labor


Tess - April 17

If you're delivering v____al you are staying in the hospital for atleast 2 days then c-sec is 4 days. For myself....Ive packed 1 gown were I could nurse my baby..2 tank top, atleast 10 nursing pads, 2 nursing bras, 2-4 underwear, 2 shirts (so I could choose which one to wear) for goin home, a capri (motherhood maternity), slippers, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, socks (just incase) and a bath towel.


meme - April 18

Not true that you aren't allowed to eat or drink during labor. Just make it clear that you will be doing that if you feel like doing that. There's really not anything a woman is not ALLOWED to do during labor & delivery, although you might be convinced otherwise because of hospital or obstetrical bureaucracy. With a little pushing for your rights (that are sometimes ignored for "routine procedure"), you can do just about anything. And whether you have an IV, hep clip, or nothing "feeding" you, eating & drinking during labor is beneficial to the process overall. Just don't have heavy foods. Light stuff like broth, crackers... you know, morning sickness type of food & drink! Okay, that being said... one thing I didn't see included in these suggestions is ma__sage aids: oil, tennis ball, rolling pin, what-have-you. Even if you don't have back labor, contractions spread throughout the front & back, so it's nice to have someone ma__sage your back.


sphinxminx - April 18

you have a great hospital that they give you alot of the baby things free. I would definitely consider bringing your own pillow, mainly because the hospital one really suck lol. After sleeping with a body pillow then going to one medium pillow. (not comfortable) Make sure you use a colourful pillowcase not a plain white one. Suggestion for after the birth hemmeroid cream, you second and third time mom's know what I mean. Pack a digital camera and lots of film. After the birth of my daughter I had the two nurses and doc pose with her.


mama3 - April 18

I packed a night gown for me and a outfit to come home in. Cloths for my girl for both days and a coming home outfit. A pacifier incase I decide to use one this time, Her baby book. My slippers. Shampoo and conditioner, and a brush. Snaks just incase I delivier at night, lol. Which I always take PB crackers. An a camera, I love to have pics of her before the cord is cut and after. I'm also taking a baby bottle of her own so she'll be use to hers and not the hospitals. I also agree with meme, enjoy having your baby, you can do just about what ever you want during labor. I enjoyed lots of pop-cicles with my 2nd. An last and very important to me is my own pillow. I found that the pillows they have a hard and flat. I like my soft and fluffy one. Just dont forget to take it home with you. I did that with my 2nd, lol. GL to you Tye and all of you ladys.


Jenn - April 18

Also, I am going to stick an extra pillow and a blanket in the trunk for DH cause last time they gave him a sheet and a flat pillow and he was real uncomfortable with it-so I am going to put one there so he can get it later.


DWilson924 - April 18

For an idea on what to pack visit http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/pregnancy/childbirth/185.html


Tye - April 18

Thankyou so much for all your responses! I am going to use them all to form my hospital package. This has all been extremely helpful. Thanks again!



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