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Rhonda - January 30

After you have your baby,what will you miss the most about not being pregnant?If anything


Annette - January 30

My husband kissing/rubbing/talking to my belly.


Amber - January 30

As funny as it may sound, I will miss the little extremities poking out and causing discomfort and the hiccups against the bladder. I will also miss my healthy cravings for ma__sive amounts of oranges and broccoli (at least those are good for me lol). What about you Rhonda?


Rhonda - January 30

Well,i will miss feeling the baby moving and miss my fiancee saying(are you okay baby,oh let me do that for you)And when i do something silly(i say"oh it's just the kid in me"LOL.b/c now i will have to find a different excuse.


mrs.sarge - January 30

ill miss the moving and warm feeling i get. Ill also miss eating and having an exscuse


Jessica NY - January 30

I'm really not usually a negative person but this pregnancy has been an absolute nightmare - so very much has gone wrong that I am looking forward to it being over. I will not miss being pregnant at all, I can't wait to meet my little boy and tell him "you were worth it!"


Maggie - January 30

I think the thing I will miss most about being pregnant is the way that people will give up their seat for me on a crowded bus or train. I live in NYC so I take public transportation everywhere and I hate standing. As soon as people see my belly they immediately get up and let me sit.


Jessica NY - January 30

OMG Maggie you're very lucky to have people give up seats for you, I live in Brooklyn and worked in Soho so I was on the bus and then N, D and E trains everyday and I can honestly count the number of times I was offered a seat on one hand. Even when I was so sick that I looked green, sweaty and felt like I would pa__s out I was just stared at like I was some kind of alien.


JLO - January 30

I think that I will miss my coworker going out of her way to get me anything that i needed. It has been heaven. ALso my husband talking and rubbing my belly, that is pretty fun too. However I wont miss the lowered s_x drive I seem to have lately.


Marlene - January 30

I will miss my son moving around inside me-it is the greatest feeling I have ever felt. Also my mom makes a huge sunday dinner and I always get to pick what it is b/c I'm pregnant-I will miss that


L - January 30

I'll miss all of his movements and the constant reminders and a__surances that he is with me where ever I go. I'll miss my dh thinking I'm asleep and rubbing my belly telling our son all the fun things he has planned for him in his life. And next year at this time I'll miss shopping for all the newborn clothes. Its become my latest obsession.


andrea - January 30

I won't miss anything. I used to love it when he would move around, but it's becoming quite uncomfortable. It feels like their are 4 babies in there kicking and rolling in all different directions. Don't get me wrong, it IS a great rea__surance that he's healthy, but it's a little much sometimes!


Rhonda - January 30

Bless all of your hearts,You get so use to feeling that little baby moveing all over the place,then you have to get use to not being pregnant.I have 7wks to go and am soooo excited.How much longer do you all have?


mel - January 30

the concern and caring you get from people around you.


kad - January 30

im gonna miss being lazy with an excuse lol oh yeah and hubby getting me what ever i want whenever i want. he can be so sweet hehe! only 3 days to go now yay!


Rhonda - January 30

Kad, Boy your due date is really close! Bet your excited.


Emmakirst - January 30

I think what i'll miss most is the movements, although it's uncomfortable at times. This pregnancy hasn't been the best but i still enjoy it, knowing this is my last child. (#4) I'm 30 wks today.



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