What Do You Think Of Our Son S Name

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kate - December 5

we've already chosen it and we won't change it regardless because we both love it. It is Cassian William. Cassian pronounced Cashen. He's due to arrive in January. Anyway, people are telling me (after they SEE they name) that his nickname will be Cassi, but why would it be? I mean, sure, that's how it's spelled but it's not pronounced Cassy-en. It's pronounced Cashen, so when people hear it they'd be more likely to call him Cash, right? I don't want my boy being called Cassi. As for dh and I, we're just gonna call him Cassian. His sister's name is Alexandra and we call her by her full name too.


Annette - December 5

When it comes to names and nicknames, you need to educate people. Just whenever someone calls him Ca__si, correct them by politely saying "Cash" or "we prefer calling him Cash". Might not be a one day task but eventually it will become natural. I hate being called shortnames so I have to do it myself... it works.


Britta - December 5

The only person that comes to mind to me is St. John Ca__sian - Catholic saint. And his name is certainly pronounced Cashen so I wouldn't find it a problem (at least for me!!!) My sister named her boy Athanasius. Now there's a name!!! They call him Athan though.


d~ - December 5

i like it. a lot. it's original and sounds good. where did you get it from?


kate - December 6

it's a name of latin origin, and also from what i've read irish.


Mel - December 6

At first I pronounced it wrong until I read your pronounciation. You wil have to correct people, but over time those close and teachers will catch on. Just call him Cash for the most part and people will get it. We're naming our son Elliott and I'm afriaid people will call him Elli (ugh) I do not want a nickname for him.


to Kate - December 8

I have the same problem with my son's name. It is Kimani, but people call him kim-ma-ni. It is only one n in there. There are alot of boys and girls with that name, but people seem to think I should not have name him that.


Angela - December 8

I like it. And so what - so you have to correct people who are reading it. Right now we're reconsidering the name we picked out cause its really hittting us that we are giving a person a name they will live with the rest of her life!! Its just a weird thing to realize. But yes... I like it. It sounds like a strong name too. =)



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