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amanda - October 31

I am having a girl and we have chosen the first name Macey. We can't decide on the middle name though. We kinda like Rian (pronounced ryan). I wanted to use the first name Reese but my husband hates it and I don't like the two names together. Is Rian too boyish?


lisa - October 31

In my opinion, macey is nice, rian is qiute boyish but doesnt really matter, reese in my mind is a total boys name. what about Macey ellen, or alice, lila, riana, ???


krissy - October 31

I love the name Rian or Ryanne for a girl, unfortunatly my ex's name is Ryan so my husband wouldn't even consider it for a name!


liana - October 31

Ilike the combo of macey and Rian, Macey is ultra girlish and rian is tomboyish, it goes great together! good luck.


Gemma - October 31

I like Macey but I think Rian and Reese are boy names. How about Macey Rhianne or Macey Rhiannon.


:o) - October 31

I like Rian for a girl and Ryan for boy! My little guy will be named Rylan! I think Macey Rian is cute. Reese is better for a boy Reese is better for a boy.


:o) - October 31

Oops. Didn't mean to repeat myself! LOL


Kaeli - November 1

Personally I love the name Rian for a girl, whether its middle name or first name. Infact we had considered the name Ryan if we were having a little girl, buts its a boy!! Good luck! And remember, as long as YOU like the name, that is all that matters!


Holly - November 2

Girl I think it is Beautiful. From experiance I wouldn't listen to anyone elses opinion or ask for it. There not the ones that are going to be screeming it or saying it or writing it. This is YOUR BABY! I listened to someone with my first and wish I wouldn't have.


Rayne - November 3

Hey, name the baby what you like, you're the one gonna be screaming it later on lol. Like when the baby pulls all the toilet paper off the roll and parades it through the house :o) I'm having a girl ( or at least we're pretty sure) and her name will be Zuri Neveah



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