What Do You Wear While In Labor

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Angela in California - December 13

ok, so i know you're naked from the waist down, but what about the waist up? naked? hospital garment? i would like to make sure i can be sufficiently covered up if i'm going to let family and others into the deliver room, lol. I saw a picture of one woman during labor and she was completely naked. I'm assuming that's not typical..??


This is a good question - December 13



Rachael mommy2lucas - December 13

I wore a hospital gown in the delivery room. It covered my upper half. I don't think naked is the normal.


leeza - December 13

I wore a hospital gown, which covers you on top. No need to be nude unless you are in a tub? Um, and may I add, the LAST thing you will be worried about in labor is who sees what!! : )


What about - December 13

a bra? Do you wear that?


dwc - December 13

I wore the hospital gown and no bra. Did not even ask if I could wear my own clothes. I wore the gown because I figured it could get messy and I did not want to ruin my own clothes... I also was not comfortable being completely naked, but like they say during that time, you really don't care who sees what you are so focused on the task at hand. Even though my dad walked in the room while I was pushing and I ask my cousin to ask him to step back out side. So I guess you can still think while in labor. LOL. I had 4 or 5 people in the room with me during labor plus all the docs and nurses. I hope it is just that relaxed with this l & d also...


D - December 13

I wore a hospital gown most of the time I was there. I also wore a nursing bra. Then I had slippers and a robe for walking around. Other than that, you really don't need anything till you put on your "going home" outfit. Some like having a nightgown, no bottoms, but that's a personal choice. If you're b___stfeeding, the hospital gown with the b___tons makes it easier for access. Hope that helps!


Angela in California - December 13

thanks, this is helpful. I know everyone says that modesty is out the window in labor, but i'd like to avoid friends and parents seeing everything! the hospital garment sounds fine. I think i'll bring a nightgown for sleeping after delivery so i can b___stfeed easier.


Verde - December 14

I refuse to believe tha all modesty goes out the window. I do plan on wearing the hospital gown, and I will have on a bra, and I also am asking the a sheet be kept across my legs throughtout labor. I know they've seen everything - but I'm modest, and I just don't think my business needs to be hanging out. They make angled lights to aid doctors -and hey, unless they discount my hospital bill for the show - they're not getting one!


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 14

I wore a bra during delivery, and the nurses and doctors did a great job with keeping the sheet and blankets covering up all my parts down below until it was time to push. They do try to respect your privacy. Once you are pushing, only the people you want in the room besides the docs and nurses are in there, and you don't invite in extra people if you are not comfortable letting them see you in all your glory. I also wore my own sweatpants, tshirts, pajamas for the rest of the hospital stay.


andrea - December 14

Probably just a gown and a bra if you want. I'm pretty modest as well and everyone told me "oh, it's no big deal or you won't even care", so with the delivery of my first I had my b/f,sister,mom, and cousin.And that's just while I was pushing.Before that it was a freefrall of family and friends waltzing in and out of thier. This time it will be me and my b/f the entire time and that's it! Everbody would come in and tell me I was going to be in labor for at least 24 hours-they would look at the machine that prints out the contractions and if I was complaining of them hurting, people would look at the printout and say "That one wasn't even bad". It was a freakin nightmare. To each his own-but this time everyone is out!


Jodie - December 14

i wore my own night gown, and i wore the same one for all 3 of my children


rl - December 14

I wore their hospital gown in labor at that point I don't think you really care...you can change into something nicer after the birth


MJM - December 14

Be as comfy as possible. The norm is the hospital gown but I bought a b___ton down front gown from target that is pretty comfy so I am going to wear that. As long as it unb___tons all the way down and it is a long night shirt type of deal you can bring it


TAl - December 15

What is the length of the hospital gowm? Does it only go up to your b___t or is it longer? I really hate being more naked there than I have to. And I also cannot imagine myself not caring who sees what. I am too private of a person to be ok with just being all out there, naked...


Ca__sie - December 15

I wore the hospital gown which is long (past the knees). I wore my nursing bra underneath. the gown is open in back, but can be tied closed. Might as well use the hospital stuff since you won't want to keep it afterward. At least I didn't.



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