What Does Quot Good Sized Baby Quot Mean

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redemptive_angel - June 14

Has anyone ever been told you are going to have "a good sized baby". I was told this, and it didn't bother me enough at the time to ask... but not I am worried! Does good sized mean huge like a 10lb baby? I am not very big, I only gained a total of 25lbs during the whole pregnancy... I am 35 weeks. I am going to have him estimate the babys weight next appointment... but until then I am freeking out thinking I am going to have king kong or something!


Nita_ - June 14

I wouldn't freak out. I go to see midwives(there are 3 in the practice I go to, so I get to see them all in rotation). Each one of them have given me a different estimate of how big my baby is!! This was all done via feeling my tummy. I don't think that's accurate, unless it's done by ultrasound I wouldn't worry too much. Especially if u've only gained 25 lbs so far! I've gained..let's see...36 lbs!! Holy, now that I calculated it, it's pretty huge. Anycase, it's all belly for me (plus a little bit in my thighs and hips...). So since i'm not worrying, you shouldn't. :)


Roary - June 14

"Good sized" probably doesn't mean you are destined to deliver a 10 lb baby. Also, doctors/nurses/ultrasounds are notorious for giving inaccurate projections of birth weight--it is just too difficult to give a precise estimate...too many variables/favors play into those estimates. Over the past few weeks/months, I have gotten a lot of the well grown baby, gooid sized baby, comments from nurses doctors etc. Not to scare you, but they have since given a birth weight estimate 9+ to 10+ lbs. It could very well be that when the baby arrives he will only be 8 lbs. Try not to worry too much. I just don't spend a lot of time thinking about the actual birth. ha :) Oh and I am coming on 37 weeks now. Also, I was a 10 lbs baby and my mother had me naturally without complication.


AlissaF - June 14

I too have only gained 25lbs at 37 weeks and I was told last week that I'm going to have a good sized baby. I'm just hoping that meant that he is not too small and not too large!


Roary - June 14

I just noticed: factors not favors! (shakes head) sorry about that...


Nerdy Girl - June 14

I never had a weight estimate done while pregnant with either of my two babies, but with both I was told by doctors "there's a lot of baby in there!" My daughter was 10 lbs born at 40 weeks, and my son was 9 lbs born at 38 weeks. Don't panic... There are a lot of good things about having big babies. They are very sturdy. Neither of my kids ever looked like a newborn. However, I gained 50 lbs with the first pregnancy and 60 lbs with the 2nd pregnancy. I am very jealous of those of you who have not gained much! I am still dieting and exercising now, 6 months after my son's birth, and still have quite a bit more weight to lose. Oh well. Good luck to you!


miraclebaby - June 14

I am being told the same thing and have a sonogram tomorrow, so we will see. I will let you know , everytime I go he says she's a big girl !!!!


Jenn2 - June 14

Like others have said. The "estimates" doctors/midwives/etc give are hardly ever correct. When they are correct......it was probably just by chance. I would not worry if I were you. I feel our bodies can handle what they are given. As far as the weight gain goes.....it really does not indicate how large your baby will be. My friend was a 10 pound baby and her mom only gained 22 pounds total with her ( and was not big to begin with). My mother also had me (9.5pounds) and only gained 30 pounds total. I'm sure the opposite is true too.... there are women who gain tons of weight and only have small to average sized babies. My advice is....just dont let what other people say freak you out b/c I think if you go into labor freaked out......it will make it worse.


mrsfiveday - June 14

my doctor last week (34 weeks) told me that my baby was not overly big. I didn't bother to ask, and my dh and I took in 2 opposite ways. turns out my little man is on the lower side of normal.


GraphxGirl - June 15

I am 36 weeks and have gained 20 pounds so far... I am all belly and have not gained anywhere else really at all. I don't think how much you gain says very much about the size of the baby at all.


marranie - June 15

Estimates are just that, educated guesses, my first baby was 7lb5oz, when pregnant with my next i told midwife that this baby was going to be much bigger (i felt and looked like a whale) and she said no, about the size of the first, well I was right, 9lb8oz.... and yes, very sturdy and born naturally. I think our own guess is better than the doctors/midwives as we are after all the ones carrying the baby.



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