What Does Braxton Hicks Feel Like

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Theresa - October 24

I am 34 weeks, 2nd pregnancy. I totally forgot how braxton hicks feel like. I think they are slight menstral cramp feelings. Am I right? I just want to know what other are feeling when they say that they are having braxton hicks.


mum - October 25

braxton hicks are tightenings of the uterus, u actually get them throughout your pregnancy, but they become more noticable as time goes on...at first i thought when i got them it was just the baby stretching but if you feel your stomach its hard, and ur having a braxton hick contraction, they feel really unc_mfy towards the end and u find it a lil harder to breath during one, just relax and let it pa__s...=)


erin - October 25

I wouldn't compare mine to menstrual, I did just post a question regrding period like cramps though. I will be 35 weeks Friday and I am experienceing cramps. My BH are uncomfortable and just real tight, sometimes I can't move till it pa__ses other times I can. How long have you had the period like cramps?


Theresa - October 25

I am 34 weeks right now. Next week I will be 35 weeks. Erin when is your due date? My due date suppose to be December 7. I think and hope the baby come early. Early in the pregnancy I was feeling cramps, I think it was my uterus streching but since about a few weeks now I do get them slight cramps off and on. The doctor said I am still closed up so im not dilating. I don't know what these cramps can be. I know if they get to the extreme im probably having false or real labor.


Lesley - October 25

In 2nd and 3rd pregnancies they are stronger as your muscles are not as tight as they used to be.


erin - October 25

I'm due 12/3. I'll call the dr tomorrow if I am still experienceing the period like cramps. I had an internal check 2.5 wks ago and I wasn't dilated at all, but last night I had some shooting pains down there and I was wondering if it was the process beginning. Have you lost your mucus plug? I just want this baby out!! I've been real concerned this week with getting organized, I'm even going to Walmart on my lunch to get things for my hospital bag. I printed out all my insurance paperwork, I've even addressed the envelopes for the birth announcements. I'll start washing some clothes this week for the baby so I can pack that too.


Theresa - October 25

Erin- Wow I haven't started to do anything. So far as packing up the hospital bags and stuff. The only thing I have is little bit baby boy clothes for newborn clothes and literally thats it. Beginning of november I will start to get everything. Thanks everybody for letting me know how braxton hicks really feel like. I will just like to know everybody experiences when having braxton hicks.


erin - October 25

well, I'm a bit of a planner normally but my boyfriend is away and not expected back for 2 weeks so I am freaking out that my baby will come and I'll have nothing ready. I feel he'll be early but that might be optimism but I figure I'll get what I can out of the way so when I'm ready to go I won't have to rush around last minute.



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