What Does It Mean To Have A Rapid Heartbeat While Resting

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dee23 - April 27

it may only last for a few seconds, but is still a concern. any advice?


jmnoonan - April 28

hI-I went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago for the same thing. They gave me and EKG, hooked me up to a heart monitor, did an X-ray, and gave me an echocardiogram. After all that they found nothing wrong and told me it was probably just becasue of the increased amount of blood my body is pumping. I am also anemic and have gestational diabetes, both of which can cause a rapid heartbeat.


starr - April 28

Just from my experience, you may want to have it checked out. I have a history of heart palpitations and sometimes my heart will speed up or maybe even skip a beat. I've been treated a few yrs ago and was better. But during this preg. I started having problems again, dr. a__sured me it's only because you're preg, but he ended up sending me to the ER when it started in his office,so you may want to get it checked just to be sure. Good Luck.


Steph - May 9

I just started getting this and it's creeping me out! When I went for my initial appt at 6 weeks, my doctor said that I have a heart murmur which apparently is due to the extra blood pumping through and it's pretty normal for women to get. I'll be 31 weeks on tomorrow and there will be times when I am sitting at my desk and my heart will start to race, I'll get sweaty and kinda dizzy. It lasts for a few minutes and then I'm back to "normal". My doc's appt is on May 22, and I'm going to talk to him about it cause it sucks. :o(


Evonna - May 9

I get this every now & then when i rest on my sides and it is very uncomfortable and now that i'm reading yalls post about heart murmurs and my mom has that. Now i fear i may have that too..


Chrissy - May 9

I've had that soooo bad twice now. Once at about 16 weeks and once about a week or 2 ago at about 35 weeks. It lasted for like 10 minutes and I was sooo scared I was going to have a heart attack. My doctor said it was from changing positions (I was in bed, got up to go to the bathroom, then layed back down) and from pressure on my Vena Cava?? I don't really get it. They told me to let them know if it keeps happening, but sometimes it feels like its about to happen, or it feels like my heart jumps a little or skips a beat here or there, but then doesn't happen. I am so afraid of it happening when I'm home alone cuz that's what happened th first time and I ended up calling teh ambulance and they did an EKG and it finally went down, but last time my hubby was home and helped me to relax. I heard it can just be from hormones and the heart working soo hard to push all the extra blood around our body and to the baby and placenta. Still, its soooo scary!


ash2 - May 9

i had a rapid heartbeat in my first and second trimester but soon quit after my third.



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